Birds in your Region

You're likely to discover birds in any natural space, but you can find the best birding spots for your particular region, and see what species to expect throughout the year, at You might also want to check out a nearby Important Bird and Biodiversity Area. Visit to learn more.

Photo Identification Guide

Identifying birds takes practice but with a few simple tips you'll be a fully-fledged birder in no time! First off, note the bird's size, shape, colour, behaviour, sounds, and habitat. Pay attention to field marks such as bill size and shape and patterns of stripes on the body and wings. Consult a field guide, app, or an experienced birder to complete the identification.

To help get you started, follow the steps below to create a photo guide of common birds in your region at a particular time of year.

STEP 1: Place a marker on the map to indicate the location in which you are interested.

Place a marker on the map

STEP 2: Indicate the date.

STEP 3: View and print your photo ID guide:

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