Nesting Calendar Query Tool

Nesting Calendar Query Tool


Bird Species Acadian Flycatcher Alder Flycatcher American Avocet American Bittern American Black Duck American Coot American Crow American Golden-Plover American Goldfinch American Kestrel American Pipit American Redstart American Robin American Three-toed Woodpecker American Tree Sparrow American Wigeon American Woodcock Arctic Tern Baird's Sandpiper Baird's Sparrow Baltimore Oriole Bank Swallow Barn Swallow Barred Owl Bay-breasted Warbler Belted Kingfisher Bewick's Wren Bicknell's Thrush Black Tern Black-and-white Warbler Black-backed Woodpecker Black-bellied Plover Black-billed Cuckoo Black-billed Magpie Blackburnian Warbler Black-capped Chickadee Black-crowned Night-Heron Black-headed Grosbeak Blackpoll Warbler Black-throated Blue Warbler Black-throated Gray Warbler Black-throated Green Warbler Blue Jay Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Blue-headed Vireo Blue-winged Teal Blue-winged Warbler Bobolink Bonaparte's Gull Boreal Chickadee Boreal Owl Brant Brewer's Blackbird Brewer's Sparrow Broad-winged Hawk Brown Creeper Brown Thrasher Brown-headed Cowbird Bufflehead Bullock's Oriole Burrowing Owl Bushtit Canada Warbler Canvasback Canyon Wren Cape May Warbler Carolina Wren Cassin's Finch Cattle Egret Cedar Waxwing Cerulean Warbler Chestnut-backed Chickadee Chestnut-collared Longspur Chestnut-sided Warbler Chimney Swift Chipping Sparrow Clark's Nutcracker Clay-colored Sparrow Cliff Swallow Common Eider Common Gallinule Common Goldeneye Common Grackle Common Loon Common Merganser Common Nighthawk Common Redpoll Common Tern Common Yellowthroat Connecticut Warbler Cooper's Hawk Cordilleran Flycatcher Dark-eyed Junco Double-crested Cormorant Downy Woodpecker Dunlin Dusky Flycatcher Eared Grebe Eastern Bluebird Eastern Kingbird Eastern Meadowlark Eastern Phoebe Eastern Screech-Owl Eastern Towhee Eastern Whip-poor-will Eastern Wood-Pewee European Starling Evening Grosbeak Ferruginous Hawk Field Sparrow Forster's Tern Fox Sparrow Franklin's Gull Gadwall Glaucous Gull Golden Eagle Golden-crowned Kinglet Golden-crowned Sparrow Golden-winged Warbler Grasshopper Sparrow Gray Catbird Gray Flycatcher Gray Partridge Gray-cheeked Thrush Great Blue Heron Great Crested Flycatcher Great Egret Great Gray Owl Greater Scaup Greater White-fronted Goose Green Heron Green-winged Teal Hairy Woodpecker Hammond's Flycatcher Henslow's Sparrow Hermit Thrush Herring Gull Hoary Redpoll Hooded Merganser Hooded Warbler Horned Grebe House Finch House Sparrow House Wren Hudsonian Godwit Hutton's Vireo Indigo Bunting Killdeer King Eider King Rail Lapland Longspur Lark Bunting Lark Sparrow Lazuli Bunting Le Conte's Sparrow Least Bittern Least Flycatcher Least Sandpiper Lesser Scaup Lesser Yellowlegs Lincoln's Sparrow Little Gull Loggerhead Shrike Long-billed Curlew Long-eared Owl Long-tailed Duck Long-tailed Jaeger Louisiana Waterthrush MacGillivray's Warbler Magnolia Warbler Mallard Marbled Godwit Marsh Wren McCown's Longspur Merlin Mew Gull Mountain Bluebird Mountain Chickadee Mourning Dove Mourning Warbler Mute Swan Nashville Warbler Nelson's Sparrow Northern Cardinal Northern Flicker Northern Goshawk Northern Harrier Northern Hawk Owl Northern Mockingbird Northern Parula Northern Pintail Northern Rough-winged Swallow Northern Saw-whet Owl Northern Shoveler Northern Waterthrush Northwestern Crow Olive-sided Flycatcher Orange-crowned Warbler Orchard Oriole Ovenbird Pacific Loon Palm Warbler Pectoral Sandpiper Peregrine Falcon Philadelphia Vireo Pied-billed Grebe Pileated Woodpecker Pine Grosbeak Pine Siskin Pine Warbler Piping Plover Prairie Falcon Prairie Warbler Prothonotary Warbler Purple Finch Purple Martin Pygmy Nuthatch Red Knot Red Phalarope Red-bellied Woodpecker Red-breasted Merganser Red-breasted Nuthatch Red-eyed Vireo Redhead Red-headed Woodpecker Red-naped Sapsucker Red-necked Grebe Red-necked Phalarope Red-shouldered Hawk Red-tailed Hawk Red-throated Loon Red-winged Blackbird Ring-billed Gull Ring-necked Duck Rock Ptarmigan Rock Wren Rose-breasted Grosbeak Rough-legged Hawk Ruby-crowned Kinglet Ruby-throated Hummingbird Ruddy Duck Ruddy Turnstone Ruffed Grouse Rusty Blackbird Sandhill Crane Savannah Sparrow Say's Phoebe Scarlet Tanager Sedge Wren Semipalmated Plover Semipalmated Sandpiper Sharp-shinned Hawk Short-eared Owl Smith's Longspur Snow Bunting Snow Goose Snowy Owl Solitary Sandpiper Song Sparrow Sora Spotted Sandpiper Spotted Towhee Sprague's Pipit Spruce Grouse Steller's Jay Stilt Sandpiper Swainson's Thrush Swamp Sparrow Tennessee Warbler Townsend's Solitaire Townsend's Warbler Tree Swallow Trumpeter Swan Tundra Swan Turkey Vulture Upland Sandpiper Varied Thrush Veery Vesper Sparrow Violet-green Swallow Virginia Rail Warbling Vireo Western Bluebird Western Kingbird Western Meadowlark Western Tanager Western Wood-Pewee Whimbrel White-breasted Nuthatch White-crowned Sparrow White-rumped Sandpiper White-throated Sparrow White-winged Scoter Wild Turkey Willet Willow Flycatcher Willow Ptarmigan Wilson's Phalarope Wilson's Snipe Wilson's Warbler Winter Wren Wood Duck Wood Thrush Yellow Warbler Yellow-bellied Flycatcher Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Yellow-billed Cuckoo Yellow-breasted Chat Yellow-headed Blackbird Yellow-rumped Warbler Yellow-throated Vireo

Reduce the species list by selecting groups from the menus below:

Federal Protection No Yes Habitats Coast Farmland Forested Open Wetland Types of Nest Artificial Burrow Cavity Cliff Colony Ground Vegetation Water Types of Species Landbirds Blackbirds and related species Cardinals and related species Chickadees and related species Crows and related species Cuckoos Doves Falcons and related species Finches and related species Flycatchers and related species Grouse and related species Hawks and related species Hummingbirds Kingfishers Kinglets and Gnatcatchers Longspurs Nightjars Nuthatches and Creepers Owls Pipits and related species Shrikes Sparrows and related species Swallows and related species Thrashers and related species Thrushes and related species Urban birds Vireos Warblers and related species Waxwings Woodpeckers and related species Wrens and Dippers Shorebirds Phalaropes Plovers and related species Sandpipers and related species Waterbirds Cormorants Gulls and Terns Herons and related species Jaegers Loons and Grebes Rails, Cranes, and related species Waterfowl Dabbling Ducks Diving Ducks Geese and Swans


Ecodistricts Aberdeen Lake Acadia Valley Plain Admiralty Inlet Agassiz Ice Cap and Prince of Wales Ice Field Ainslie Uplands Aishihik Alaska Panhandle Mountains Albany River Albert Islands Alexis River Algonquin Allan Hills Allardville Alligator Lake Alonsa Alsek Ranges Amadjuak Lake Amer Lake Anderson River Andrew Plain Angajurjualuk Lake Annapolis Valley Antelope Creek Plain Anticosti Antigonish Lowlands Appalachian Complex of Beauce Appalachian Complex of Estrie Appalachian Complex of the Lower St. Lawrence Arctic Bay Arctic Red River Arctic Red River North Arm River Plain Ashern Ashuanipi Lake Asiak River Athabasca Delta Athabasca Dunes Athabasca Plain Atlantic Atlantic Coastal Lowlands Attwood River Aubry Lake Auriol Range Autridge Bay North Avalon Babbage River Babine Upland Back River Backbone Ranges North Backbone Ranges South Bad Hills Baker Lake Bald Mountains Banff Mountains Banks Barnes Ice Cap Barrier River Upland Bashaw Upland Bathurst Inlet Bear Cave Mountain Beaulieu River Beaver Creek Beaver River Plain Beaverbank Beaverhill Lake Beaverlodge Plain Beechy Hills Belcher Islands Belle Isle Benedict Mountains Bennett Bay Berens River Berland Upland Berry Creek Plain Betsiamites Plateau Bieler Lake Big Bend Trench Big Creek - Long Point Big Sand Lake Biggar Plain Binamé Lake Bindloss Plain Birch Fens Birch Lake Plain Birch Upland Black Birch Plain Black Diamond Upland Blackfoot Plain Blackstone River Blackwater Lake Blairmore Foothills Blake Bay Blanc-Sablon Blevins Lake Blue Hills Blue Ridge Upland Blueberry Upland Boas River Bonnet Plume Boothia Coastal Plains Boothia Heights Boundary Ranges Bow City Plain Bowron Valley Boyer Plain Bragg Creek Foothills Bras d'Or Lowlands Bras d'Or Uplands - North Bras d'Or Uplands - South Breton Upland Brichta Lake Brock River Bronson Upland Brooks Plain Brown Bear Creek Browne Bay Buffalo Head Upland Buffalo River Plain Bulkley Bulkley Basin Bunde Fiord Cabot Lake Cache Plain Calder River Cameron Hills Upland Cameron Slope Campbell Lake Caniapiscau River Plateau Canoe Lake Lowland Cantin Lake Cape Bathurst - Smoking Hills Cape Breton Barrens Cape Breton Escarpment Cape Breton Plateau Cape Chidley Cape Clarke Cape Henrietta Maria Cape Robert Brown Cape St. George Carberry Cardston Plain Cariboo Basin Cariboo Plateau Caribou Lakes Caribou River Caribou Slope Caribou Upland Carleton Caroline Plain Carswell Plain Cartage Cassiar Mountains Cassiar Ranges Castor Plain Cedar Lake Central Banks Island Central Barrens Central Boothia Central Chilcotin Ranges Central Columbia Mountains Central Devon Island Central Iroquois Plain Central Long Range Mountains Central Park Ranges Central Plateau Central Ranges Centreville-Grand Falls Champagne Chantrey Chapleau Plains Chaplin Plain Charlottetown Chester Chesterfield Inlet Chibougamau Depression Chignecto-Minas Shore Chilcotin Plateau Chinchaga Plain Chitek Lake Chochocouane Hills Christina Plain Churchill Churchill Falls Clarence Lagoon Clarke Lake Plain Clarke River Clear Hills Upland Climax Plain Clyde River Cobequid Highlands Codroy Collinson Peninsula Contwoyto Lake Cooking Lake Upland Cormorant Lake Corner Brook Coteau Lakes Upland Cree Lake Upland Croker River Crooked Lake Cross Lake Upland Crow Lake Plain Crowsnest Mountains Crozier Channel Lowlands Cudworth Plain Cumberland Hills Cumberland Peninsula Mountains Cumberland Sound North Cynthia Upland Cypress Hills Cypress Slope Dalton Post Dauphin Dawson Range Daysland Plain Dease Arm Dease River DeBolt Plain Del Bonita Plateau Delacour Plain Destruction Bay Devon Ice Cap Dillon Plain Dismal Lakes Dog Lake Dog River Domagaya Lake Domes Doré Lake Lowland Drake Bay Driftpile Upland Drumheller Plain Dryden Dubawnt Lake Duck Mountain Dumoine Plateau Dumond River Dundalk Till Plain Dunvegan Lake Upland Dunvegan Plain Eagle East Arm East Axel Heiberg East Baffin Upland East Bay and Islands East Kootenay Trench East Prince East Victoria Island Eastern Muskwa Ranges Eastern Pacific Ranges Eastern Purcell Mountains Eastern Skeena Mountains Eclipse Sound Edson Plain Elsa Elstow Plain Embarras Plain Embleton Lake Emerson Emma Lake Upland Endiang Upland English Chief River English River Eskimo Lakes Eskimo Point Eston Plain Etna Lake Etsho Plateau Eureka Eutsuk Lake Eyebrow Plain Eynard Lake Upland Falher Plain Firebag Hills Fisher Strait and Islands Fishing Lakes Flat River Fleming Inlet Flin Flon Plain Fond-du-Lac Lowland Foremost Plain Fort Albany Fort Good Hope Fort Severn Fort Simpson Foster Upland Fox Lake Plain Foxe Basin Islands Foxe East Foxe Peninsula Frances Lake Franklin Fraser Lowland Fraser River Basin Freeman Upland French Creek Frobisher Plain Frog Lake Upland Frontenac Fundy Mountain Gainsborough Plain Garry Lake Garson Lake Plain Gaspé Peninsula Geillini River George River Lower Plateau George River Upper Plateau Georgia Lowland Georgian Bay South Gifford Fiord North Gimli Girardville Hills Gladstone Glengarry Plain Gods Lake Goose Goose Bay Goose Lake Plain Gordon River Gouin Reservoir Depression Grand Lake Grand Manan Grand Rapids Grande Prairie Plain Grande Rivière de la Baleine Plateau Grandin Grandin Lake Grandview Granite Hills Great Sand Hills Greely Fiord Griffin Plain Grimshaw Plain Grindstone Grinnell Peninsula Grizzly Bear Mountain Guelph Drumlin Fields Guillemard Bay Gull Lake Plain Gulliver river Gunisao Lake Gypsumville Hadley Bay Hafford Plain Haldane River Haldimand Plain Halfway Plateau Hall Lake Hall Peninsula Hall Peninsula East Hamiota Harbour Harcourt Harp Lake Hart Foothills Hart Lake Plain Hart Ranges Hart River Hay River Plain Hazlet Plain Heart River Upland Hecate Lowland Heintzelman Lake Hepburn Lake Herschel High Level Plain Highrock Lake Plain Hill Lands Central Hill Lands East Hilton Hiukitak River Holland River Hondo Plain Hopedale Hoppner Inlet Horn River Horn Slope Hornaday River Horton Lake Horton River Hudson Bay Plain Hunt River Ian Calder Lake Icefield Mountains Île-à-la-Crosse Plain Indian Head Plain Interior Coastal Lowlands Iosegun Plain Irons Creek Island Lake Isortoq Isurtuq River Jackpine River Jacquet James Bay Littoral Plain James River James Ross River Jasper Mountains Jeddore Lake Joe Mountain Juniper Kalzas-Anvil Ranges Kamilukuak Lake Kaminak Lake Kanairiktok River Kasabonika - Wabassi River Kasba Lake Kazan River South Kechika Ranges Keele Keele River Keller Kenora Kerrobert Plain Kesagami Lake Killarney King Solomon Dome King William Island-St. Roch Basin Kipling Plain Kitimat Ranges Knee Lake Knights Creek Plain Koidern Koukdjuak East Koukdjuak West Krag Kunwak River La Baleine Coastal Plain La Corne Plain La Grande Rivière Depression La Martre Lake Plain La Plonge Plain La Ronge Lowland La Tuque Depression La Vérendrye Depression Labrador Hills Lac à l'Eau Claire Plateau Lac aux Feuilles Hills Lac Couture Hills Lac des Bois Lac d'Iberville Hills Lac Faribault Plateau Lady Melville Lake Lake Abitibi Lake Alma Upland Lake Bienville Plateau Lake Champdoré Depression Lake Châteauguay Plateau Lake Duncan Plain Lake Gillian Lake Guillaume-Delisle Lake Harbour Lake Hazen Lake Jacques-Cartier Highlands Lake Kempt Terrace Lake Laberge Lake Magpie Highlands Lake Manouane Depression Lake Mégiscane Lake Mistassini Lake Nedlouc Plateau Lake Nipigon - Black Bay Lake Opiscotéo Hills Lake Péribonka Hills Lake Saint-Jean Plain Lake Scugog - Oak Ridge Lake St. Joseph Lake Ste. Anne Upland Lancaster Landry Creek Langruth Lapierre House Larsen Creek Last Mountain Lake Plain Leach Bay Leduc Plain Leeward Island Ranges Leeward Pacific Ranges Leoville Hills Lethbridge Plain Liard River Livingstone Plain Lloydminster Plain Long Lake Loon Lake Plain Lootz Lake Lord Mayor Bay Lost Hill Lake Lower Battle River Plain Lower Cree River Plain Lower Hantzsch River Lower Robertson River Lower Rupert Plain Lower Saint-Maurice Hills Lundar Lunenburg Drumlins Luscar Foothills MacGregor MacKay Plain Mackenzie Delta East Mackenzie Delta North Mackenzie Delta West Mackenzie North Mackenzie South Macoun Lake Plain Madawaska Madeleine Magaguadavic Mahigan Lake Plain Majorville Upland Makinson Inlet Manicouagan Plateau Manicouagan Reservoir Basin Manitou Manitoulin Manning Plain Manouanis Highlands Manson Plateau Maple Creek Plain Mara River Marion Lake Matagami Depression Matapédia Mattagami Lake Mattice Maxwell Bay Mayberne Upland Maymont Plain McBeth River McCreary McDougall Pass McFarlane Upland McGillivray Range McGregor Plateau McLennan Plain McNaughton Lake McTaggart Plain McVicar Arm Meadow Lake Plain Mealy Mountains Meeting Lake Upland Melfort Plain Melville Plain Mercy Bay Middle St. Lawrence Plain Milk River Upland Milligan Upland Miner River Miner River Miners Range Minichinas Upland Miramichi Misinchinka Ranges Mistastin Lake Mistatim Upland Mixed Wood Sand Hills Mont Laurier Depression Mont Tremblant Highlands Montreal Lake Plain Montreal River Moose Channel Moose Creek Moose Mountain Moose Mountain Creek Plain Moose Mountain Upland Morley Foothills Mossy River Plain Mostoos Escarpment Mostoos Upland Mount Bryde Mount Elgin Ridges Mount Pleasant Mount Sawyer Mount Sedgwick Mountain Creek Mulgrave Plateau Müller Ice Cap Murchison Lake Muskeg Upland Muskrat Lake Muskwa Muskwa Foothills Myrnam Upland Nagagami Lake Nagvaak Lake Nahwitti Lowland Namaycush Lake South Namew Lake Upland Namewaminikan River Nanaimo Lowland Napanee - Prince Edward Nares Strait Coast Narrow Islands Nass Nazko Upland Nechako Lowland Nejanilini Lake Nettilling Fiord Nettilling Lake Neutral Hills Niagara Bench Nipawin Plain Nipishish Lake Nipissing Nisbet Plain Nisling Range Noell Lake Noisy Creek Nopiming Nordenskiold River Norfolk Sand Plain North Birch Upland North Brodeur Peninsula North Central North Central Prince of Wales Island North Eagle Plateau North Fork Pass North Gower-Winchester Plains North Hare Bay North Mountain North Shaler Mountains North Shore North Thompson Upland North Treeline Northeast Somerset Island Northeastern Barrens Northern Baffin Mountains Northern Columbia Mountains Northern Ellesmere Ice Cap Northern Indian Lake Northern Island Ranges Northern Islands Northern Long Range Mountains Northern Okanagan Basin Northern Okanagan Highland Northern Pacific Ranges Northern Park Ranges Northern Peninsula - White Bay Northern Skeena Mountains Northumberland Shore Northwest Coast Northwestern Cascade Ranges Norway House Notikewin Plain Notre-Dame Mountains Nueltin Lake Nunatak Nyarling River Oak Lake Plain Obed Upland Oceanic Barrens O'Chiese Upland Ochre River Ogilvie River Okanagan Old Crow Old Man On His Back Plateau Olds Plain O'Leary Ommanney Bay Onion Lake Plain Ontaratue River Opasatika Opinaca Hills Oromocto Orr Lake Oscar Peak Otish Mountains Ottawa Islands Ottawa Valley Plain Otter Creek Outer Fiordland Overflowing River Oyen Upland Pakulak Lake Palmbere Plain Paquet Bay Parent Plateau Parsnip Trench Pasfield Lake Plain Pasquia Escarpment Pasquia Plateau Pavillion Ranges Peace Foothills Peel River Peerless Upland Pelican Lake Pelican Upland Pelly Lakes Pelly River Pembina Hills Peterborough Petit Mécatina Petitot Plain Pictou-Antigonish Highlands Pictou-Cumberland Lowlands Pikwitonei Lake Pinawa Pine Lake Upland Pine River Plain Pinehouse Plain Pinehurst Upland Piney Plaster Rock Playgreen Lake Point Pelee Shores Pokiok Porcupine Hills Porcupine Strand Porsild Port au Port Portage la Prairie Portage Lake Port-Nouveau-Québec Coast Prairie Creek Primrose Lake Primrose Plain Prince Albert Hills North Prince Albert Hills South Prince Albert Peninsula Prince Albert Plain Prince Albert Sound Prince of Wales Strait Prince Patrick Island West Provost Plain Purple Springs Plain Puskwaskau Upland Puvirnituq Hills Queen Charlotte Queen Charlotte Strait Queens Channel Quesnel Highland Quetico Quill Lakes Plain Quunnguq Lake Rabbitskin River Rae Isthmus Rae River Rainbow Lake Plain Rainy Rainy Hills Upland Ram River Foothills Ranger River Rankin Inlet Red Deer Plain Red Earth Plain Red Indian Redwater Plain Reed Lake Regina Plain Reindeer Lake Rennie Lake Réservoir de Caniapiscau Depression Restigouche Ribstone Plain Richards Island Riding Mountain Rigolet Rimbey Upland Rivière à la Baleine Lowlands Road River Robins Lake Upland Rochers Coast Rocky Cove Rogue River Rorey Lake Rosebud Creek Rosetown Plain Rossignol Rowley River Russell and Prescott Plains Russell Upland Rycroft Plain Sabine Peninsula Saddle Upland Saguenay Fiord Sainte-Marguerite Plateau Saint-Quentin Salluit Plateau Salmon River Salmon Rivers Salt River Plain Sand Hill River Saskatchewan Delta Saskatoon Plain Scented Grass Hills Schuler Seal Lake Seal River Sedgewick Plain Selkirk Foothills Senlac Hills Serpentine Range Sevogle Seward Glacier Shakwak Trench Sheet Harbour Shell Brook Plain Shilo Shingle Point Shuswap Highland Sibbald Plain Sibbeston Silsby Lake Simpson Lake Sipiwesk Lake Sisipuk Plain Sixty Mile Skidegate Plateau Slave River Delta Smallwood Reservoir Smith Arm Smiths Falls Plain Smoky Plain Smoothrock Lake Smoothstone Plain Snare River Sombert Lake Sounding Creek Plain Souris River Plain South Brodeur Peninsula South Central Banks Island South Coast Barrens South Eagle Plateau South Mountain South Shaler Mountains South Slope Oak Ridges Moraine Southeast Kent Peninsula Southeastern Barrens Southern Baffin Coastal Mountains Southern Boreal Plateau Southern Chilcotin Ranges Southern Columbia Mountains Southern Horseshoe Moraines Southern Indian Lake Southern Long Range Mountains Southern Okanagan Basin Southern Okanagan Highland Southern Omineca Mountains Southern Pacific Ranges Southern Park Ranges Southern Skeena Mountains Southern Thompson Upland Southern Victoria Island Coast Southwest Ellesmere Ice Fields Southwest Iroquois Plain Sprott Lake Squirrel Lake Plain St. Augustin Hills St. Clair Plains St. Cyr Plain St. Cyr Range St. Elias St. George's Bay St. Mary's Block St. Paul Stanbridge Lake Standard Plain Ste. Rose du Lac Stead Steensby Inlet Steepbank Plain Steinbach Stewart River Stewart Valley Stikine Plateau St-Lazare Stockton Stony Mountain Upland Storkerson Peninsula Strait of Georgia Strasbourg Plain Stratford Till Plain Striding River Upland Sturgeon Bay Sturgeon Lake-North Sturgeon Lake-South Sturgeon River Plain Sullivan Lake Plain Summerberry Surrey Lake Sussex Swan Hills Swan Lake Swan River - Akimiski Island Swan River Plain Sweetgrass Upland Swift Current Plateau Tahiryuak Lake North Tahltan Highland Takijuq Lake Tammarvi River Taser Lake Tassijuak Lake Teeswater Drumlin Fields Temagami Temiskaming - Lake Simard Lowlands Terra Nova Territories Upland Teslin Plateau The Bear Hills The Coteau Hills The Dirt Hills The Pas Moraine Thelon River Thesiger Bay Coastal Lowland Thessalon Thickwood Upland Thirty Mile Lake Thompson Basin Threepoint Lake Thunder Bay Tiger Hills Upland Tincup Lake Tintina Tobin Lake Lowland Tom Creek Torngat Toronto Touchwood Hills Upland Tramping Lake Plain Travaillant Lake Troll Fiord Trossachs Plain Trout Lake Trout Lake North Tseepantee Lake Tuadook Lake Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula Turgeon Plain Turtle Mountain Turtlelake River Plain Tusket River Tuya Range Twin Butte Foothills Upper Coal River Upper Donjek Upper Fraser Trench Upper Hantzsch River Upper Hyland River Upper Little Current River Upper Macmillan River Upper Rupert Plateau Upper St. Augustin Plateau Upper St. Lawrence Plain Upper Thomsen River Upper Wrigley Creek Uranium City Upland Utikuma Plain Vachon Plateau Valin Mountains Vansittart Mountains Vauxhall Plain Vendom Fiord Vermilion Upland Vulcan Plain Wabasca Plain Wadlin Upland Waldheim Plain Walker Lake Walmesley - Warburton Wapawekka Upland Ward Inlet Waskaiowaka Lake Waskesiu Upland Waterhen Waterhen Plain Waterton Mountains Watson Lake Watterson Lake Wekusko Welcome Mountain Wellesley Lake Wells Lake West Baffin Upland West Somerset Island Western Chilcotin Ranges Western Chilcotin Upland Western Muskwa Ranges Western Plateau Westlock Plain Wheeler Lake Upland White Fox Plain White Gull Plain Whitefish Lake Whitefish River Whitefish Upland Whitehorse Whitemouth Whitesand Plain Whiteswan Upland Whitewood Hills Upland Wild Horse Plain Willmore Foothills Willow Creek Upland Wind River Windigo Highlands Windigo River Windsor Lowlands Windward Island Ranges Windward Queen Charlotte Mountains Winfield Upland Winisk River Lowland Winkler Winnipeg Winokapau Wintering Hills Witchekan Plain Witegoo River Wolf Lake Upland Wollaston Lake Plain Wood Bay - Mason River Wood Mountain Plateau Wood River Plain Worsley Plain Wrigley Wrong Lake Wunnummin Lake Yates River Plain York Factory Yorkton Plain

Reduce the ecodistrict list by selecting groups from the menus below:

Bird Conservation Regions 03 Arctic Plains and Mountains 04 Northwestern Interior Forest 05 Northern Pacific Rainforest 06 Boreal Taiga Plains 07 Taiga Shield and Hudson Plains 08 Boreal Softwood Shield 09 Great Basin 10 Northern Rockies 11 Prairie Potholes 12 Boreal Hardwood Transition 13 Lower Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Plain 14 Atlantic Northern Forest Ecoregions Arctic Cordillera Northern Arctic Cordillera Ellesmere and Devon Island Ice Caps Southern Arctic Cordillera Baffin Island Coastal Lowlands Baffin Mountains Torngat Mountains Atlantic Maritime Appalachian-Acadian Highlands Appalachians New Brunswick Highlands Northern New Brunswick Uplands Fundy Uplands Annapolis-Minas Lowlands Atlantic Coast Cape Breton Highlands Fundy Coast Nova Scotia Highlands Saint John River Valley South-central Nova Scotia Uplands Southern New Brunswick Uplands Southwest Nova Scotia Uplands Northumberland Lowlands Îles-de-la-Madeleine Maritime Lowlands Prince Edward Island Boreal Cordillera Northern Boreal Cordillera Hyland Highland Liard Basin Pelly Mountains Ruby Ranges Yukon Plateau-Central Yukon Plateau-North Yukon Southern Lakes Southern Boreal Cordillera Boreal Mountains and Plateaus Northern Canadian Rocky Mountains Yukon-Stikine Highlands Western Boreal Cordillera Klondike Plateau Wrangel Mountains St. Elias Mountains Boreal Plains Boreal Foothills Clear Hills Upland Western Alberta Upland Central Boreal Plains Boreal Transition Mid-Boreal Uplands Peace Lowland Slave River Lowland Wabasca Lowland Western Boreal Eastern Boreal Plains Interlake Plain Mid-Boreal Lowland Boreal Shield Eastern Boreal Shield Anticosti Island Central Laurentians Lake Melville Mecatina Plateau Paradise River Lake of the Woods Lake of the Woods Rainy River Thunder Bay-Quetico Mid-Boreal Shield Abitibi Plains Lac Seul Upland Lake Nipigon Rupert River Plateau Newfoundland Avalon Forest Central Newfoundland Long Range Mountains Maritime Barrens Northeastern Newfoundland Northern Penninsula South Avalon-Burin Oceanic Barrens Southwestern Newfoundland Strait of Belle Isle Southern Boreal Shield Algonquin-Lake Nipissing Lac Temiscamingue Lowland Southern Laurentians Western Boreal Shield Athabasca Plain Big Trout Lake Churchill River Upland Hayes River Upland Hudson Plains Hudson Bay Coastal Plains Coastal Hudson Bay Lowland Hudson-James Lowlands Hudson Bay Lowland James Bay Lowlands Mixedwood Plains Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Lowlands Frontenac Axis Manitoulin-Lake Simcoe St. Lawrence Lowlands Huron-Erie Plains Lake Erie Lowland Montane Cordillera Central Montane Cordillera Bulkley Ranges Chilcotin Ranges Fraser Plateau Columbia Montane Cordillera Columbia Mountains and Highlands Eastern Continental Ranges Northern Continental Divide Selkirk-Bitterroot Foothills Southern Rocky Mountain Trench Western Continental Ranges Northern Montane Cordillera Central Canadian Rocky Mountains Fraser Basin Omineca Mountains Skeena Mountains Southern Montane Cordillera Interior Transition Ranges Okanagan Highland Okanagan Range Thompson-Okanagan Plateau Northern Arctic Baffin Uplands Baffin Island Uplands Baffin Upland Hall Peninsula Upland Boothia-Foxe Shield Boothia Peninsula Plateau Melville Peninsula Plateau Meta Incognita Peninsula Northern Ungava Peninsula Pangnirtung Upland Wager Bay Plateau Ellesmere Basin Ellesmere Mountains Eureka Hills Foxe-Boothia Lowlands Foxe Basin Plain Gulf of Boothia Plain Parry Channel Plateau Borden Peninsula Plateau Lancaster Plateau Sverdrup Island Sverdrup Islands Lowland Victoria Lowlands Amundsen Gulf Lowlands Banks Island Coastal Plain Banks Island Lowland Parry Islands Plateau Prince of Wales Island Lowland Shaler Mountains Victoria Islands Lowland Pacific Maritime Georgia Depression Eastern Vancouver Island Georgia-Puget Basin Lower Mainland Northern Coastal Mountains Mount Logan Northern Coastal Mountains Southern Coastal Mountains Cascade Ranges Coastal Gap Nass Basin Nass Ranges Pacific Ranges Queen Charlotte Lowland Queen Charlotte Ranges Western Vancouver Island Prairies Central Grassland Cypress Upland Fescue Grassland Mixed Grassland Moist Mixed Grassland Eastern Prairies Lake Manitoba Plain Parkland Prairies Aspen Parkland Southwest Manitoba Uplands Southern Arctic Amundsen Lowlands Anderson River Plain Bathurst Hills Bluenose Lake Plain Coronation Hills Dease Arm Plain Takijuq Lake Upland Tuktoyaktuk Coastal Plain Yukon Coastal Plain Keewatin Lowlands Back River Plain Chantrey Inlet Lowland Dubawnt Lake Plain/Upland Garry Lake Lowland Maguse River Upland Queen Maud Gulf Lowland Southampton Island Plain Ungava-Belcher Belcher Islands Central Ungava Peninsula Ottawa Islands Taiga Cordillera Mackenzie-Selwyn Mountains Mackenzie Mountains Selwyn Mountains Northern Yukon Mountains British-Richardson Mountains Ogilvie Mountains Eagle Plains North Ogilvie Mountains Old Crow-Eagle Plains Old Crow Basin Old Crow Flats Taiga Plains Great Bear Lowlands Colville Hills Fort MacPherson Plain Franklin Mountains Grandin Plains Great Bear Lake Plain Great Slave Lake Plain Horn Plateau Keller Lake Plain Mackenzie Delta Mackenzie River Plain Norman Range Hay-Slave Lowlands Hay River Lowland Muskwa Plateau Northern Alberta Uplands Mackenzie Foothills Nahanni Plateau Peel River Plateau Sibbeston Lake Plain Taiga Shield Eastern Taiga La Grande Hills New Quebec Central Plateau Southern Ungava Peninsula Labrador Uplands Coastal Barrens Eagle Plateau Goose River West Kingurutuk-Fraser Rivers Mecatina River Smallwood Reservoir-Michikamau Winokupu Lake North Western Taiga Shield Coppermine River Upland Kazan River Upland Selwyn Lake Upland Tazin Lake Upland Whale River Lowland George Plateau Ungava Bay Basin Nesting Zones A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B9 C1 C2 C3-4 C5 C6 C7 C8 D3-4 D5 D6 D7 N10 N8 N9 Provinces and Territories Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador Northwest Territories Nova Scotia Nunavut Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon

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