Atlantic Canada Bank Swallow Monitoring 

Bank Swallows are aerial insectivores (they eat insects while flying) that nest in colonies along eroding sand banks of rivers or coastal habitats. They also utilize human-made habitats such as sand pits and quarries. Bank Swallows also require wetland habitat for foraging and roosting.

Across Canada, the Bank Swallow population has declined by 98% over the last 40 years. Multiple pressures are leading to the decline including: the widespread use of pesticides limiting insect abundance; loss of foraging, roosting and breeding habitat; and severe weather causing an increase in erosion of sand banks (climate change).

In an effort to stop the decline of Bank Swallow populations, Birds Canada along with partners in an Atlantic Canada Bank Swallow Working Group, are looking to address current knowledge gaps, monitor the population, and examine the extent and quality of their nesting, foraging and roosting habitat. We cannot do this alone! Thank you for your interest in helping Birds Canada conserve Bank Swallow populations.

Partner on this project include:

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