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Using this page, you can download raw data from various monitoring projects. All data are provided using the standard Bird Monitoring Data Exchange (BMDE) schema developed for the Avian Knowledge Network. Note that raw data is not available for all projects, and that some data may only be available under specific conditions, which will be explained in the data release policy. More information on each dataset can be found here . Note that you need to be logged in this site to be able to access download files or access saved queries. You can create a new login here.

Note that you can also download data using our NatureCounts R package. However, you may need to obtain permission for some datasets (access levels 3 and 4) from the current page before.

Step 1. Create a new query . You can use this page to define a custom search using various criteria below. In some cases, you can select several values by holding the CTRL key while clicking on a value (eg, to select multiple species). Note: If you are trying to download files that have recently been approved by a data custodian, you can directly skip to step 4 .

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Access to some of the datasets may require that you fill in a data request form, and may also require the approval of the data custodian.