Canadian Migration Monitoring Network
Terms and Conditions

Site access: Access to the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network web site is available to the general public interested in finding more about the status of the birds monitoring by member stations. An additional portion of the site that contains additional documents and tools is restricted to authorized members of the CMMN.

Data ownership:

The Canadian Migration Monitoring Network (CMMN) policy is generally to encourage staff from members stations, volunteers, partners and others outside the network to publish important findings, based in whole or in part on CMMN data, in appropriate publications. It is also CMMN policy that appropriate credit is given to the organization for its contribution(s) to the publication of such findings.

Each CMMN station retains the ownership of the data they collected. The stations are also responsible to establish the conditions under which those data may be used by others. Those conditions are described in more details here. Some of the datasets (AKN level 3 and higher) may be available for download through this portal, but others may only be available directly from each station.