British Columbia Coastal Waterbirds Survey

Birds Canada

Canadian Wildlife Service

Project name: British Columbia Coastal Waterbird Survey

Goals : The BCCWS has the following specific objectives: to assess the annual changes and long-term trends in population size and distribution of coastal waterbirds in BC., to collect data that contribute to population estimates of coastal waterbird species in BC., and to advance our understanding of the ecology and the effects of human activity on coastal waterbirds in BC.

Status : Active

Year started : 1999

Years (comments) : ongoing

Season(s) and frequency : monthly with an emphasis from September to April

Frequency : Monthly

Geographic area covered : Coastal British Columbia

Type(s) of habitat : all coastal habitats

Primary species covered : waterbirds

Sampling Design : In populated areas, sites were set up by coordinator, but in remote, or uncovered areas, participants select their own sites

Field methods : Observers count all waterbirds, by species, at regular (2nd Sunday of each month) intervals at specfic locations so that coordinated information on distribution and migration over a broad area can be acquired. Surveys are conducted as close to high tide as possible, and in the same manner each time.

Data format : Data reported on survey forms. Computerized database maintained at Bird Studies Canada office in CWS Pacific and Yukon Region Delta office.

Sample size : 322 sites - coverage varies year to year

Results : Scientific review of data in 2002, annual newsletter

Funding sources : Environment Canada, Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, looking for other sources

Applications for the data : Used for deriving trends in waterbird populations and locating important staging areas

Users of the information : Waterbird research biologists, planners, resource managers

Environmental assessment : Yes; on the themes of coastal regions