Great Backyard Bird Count

National Audubon Society

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Project name: Great Backyard Bird Count

Data Access Policy

Great Backyard Bird Count

We recommend that GBBC data accessed from NatureCounts be cited as follow:

Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society. 2008. Great Backyard Bird Count. Data accessed from NatureCounts, a node of the Avian Knowledge Network, Bird Studies Canada. Available: Accessed: <<date>>.

 In addition, we require that the following statement be included in the acknowledgement section of any publication:

We thank Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society for supplying Great Backyard Bird Count data, and all of the volunteer participants who gathered data for the project.

If data retrieved from NatureCounts are to be used for web-based products (maps, summaries, etc.), you must contact us( for instructions on applicable contributor/partner logo(s) and website link(s).


Cornell and Audubon retain the copyright on all GBBC data provided to researchers/authors.

Revocation of Privileges

Any researcher/author not abiding by this policy or the terms of the Data Request and Release Form and Publication Agreement may forfeit any future access to NatureCounts.