ANM Zoological vertebrate collection

Project name: Global Biodiversity Information Facility datasets

Dataset summary : The zoological collection at the Natural History Museum, Agder University, is focused on mammals and birds, primarily from Fennoscandia, but also with specimens from North America. Specimens cover 23 nations, primarily Norway. The collection includes skins, crania and parts of skeletons, bird eggs and tissue samples. One journal number may cover skin, cranium and tissue sample where all items are kept, while some samples contain one or two types of material only. The collection contains 468 crania of beaver (Castor fiber, probably the world´s largest cranium collection on this species), almost 1100 mammal skins (primarily rodents; 723, shrews and their allies; 185, and bats; 69) and more than 1300 birds (skins; 1083 and fragments; 163). The bird collection holds 590 owls (thereof 470 skins, 82 fragments) of 20 species. Each entry holds data on date of collection, when acquired, location with coordinates, sex and age of specimen (where known), weight and measurements, collector, determinator and name of taxidermist.