Bay of Fundy Species List

Project name: Global Biodiversity Information Facility datasets

Dataset summary : <p>The Bay of Fundy is a large embayment on the east coast of Canada that is an integral part of a complex hydrographic system that includes the Gulf of Maine. The Bay is best known for its highest tides in the world, but also represents one of the most productive ecosystems known. It contains and sustains a great variety of fishery and wildlife resources and provides habitat for a number of rare or endemic species, such as the right whale.</p> <p>The Bay of Fundy Species Information System is dedicated to providing taxonomic, biological and ecological information on marine algae, invertebrates, fish, mammals and shore birds. Various resources were used in the creation of the database, including published literature and experts for specific taxa.</p> <p>This resource contains the checklist of names compiled by the Bay of Fundy Species Information System. The checklist has not been updated since 2004.</p>