Grassland Bird Monitoring Program

Project name: Grassland Bird Monitoring Program

Goals : The purpose of the program is a mix of monitoring, as well as gathering a dataset to be used in the development of a bird index for the working landscape in BCR11. Ultimately, the goal is to use the data to drive conservation changes on agricultural lands.

Dataset summary : Point count data collected in the Canadian prairies. Data includes all bird detected within 200m of a point, in addition to mammal and amphibian data where detected. Weather details were recorded at each point, as well as habitat data, however the habitat data is currently housed elsewhere.

Status : Active

Year started : 2021

Years (comments) : Ongoing

Season(s) and frequency : Annual surveys during the breeding season

Frequency : Annually

Geographic area covered : Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

Primary species covered : Breeding species of BCR11

Field methods : Point counts in 400m grid