Project Nestwatch

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Project name: Project NestWatch

Goals : The primary goal of this program is to collect accurate breeding timing and outcome data that can be related to habitat, location, and climate change. Breeding timing estimates are also important industry and development to avoid impacting nesting bird species.

Dataset summary : Nest monitoring data including details on visits to active nests (date, time, status), nest outcomes, and nest habitat. Dataset includes provincial nest record cards dating back decades.

Status : Active

Year started : 2002

Years (comments) : Ongoing

Season(s) and frequency : Annually during the breeding season

Geographic area covered : Canada

Primary species covered : All breeding species in Canada

Sampling Design : Incidental nest detection, monitoring of nest box arrays, targeted species monitoring

Field methods : Carefully visit active or recently active nests to collect status and habitat information, repeated visits recommended, observe from a distance when possible and reduce disturbance near nest

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