Nest records cards - Alaine Camfield

Project name: Project NestWatch

Dataset summary : <p>Nest records cards – Alpine nesting birds database Alaine Camfield</p> <p>This study investigated life history patterns and incubation behavior in songbirds that breed in alpine habitats. The study focused on Horned Larks (Eremophila alpestris) and Savannah Sparrows (Passerculus sandwichensis), however, nest records were also kept for nests of species that were found incidentally during the course of the study (nests of American Pipits (Anthus rubescens) were the most common). The study site was located in alpine habitat on Hudson Bay Mountain near Smithers, British Columbia, Canada (52º N, 127° W) from 2002-2007. The study area was approximately 4 km2 and elevation ranged from 1500-1850 m above sea level. Throughout the breeding season (early May to early August), we searched for nests on horned lark territories. Nests were located by observing adults leaving or approaching nests sometimes carrying nesting materials or food, by flushing incubating or brooding adults and by searching appropriate habitat. Nests were found during nest building, incubation and nestling stages. The status of each nest (presence of parents, eggs, nestlings) was recorded approximately every 3-5 days, more frequently near the expected hatch and fledging dates. </p>

Geographic area covered : British Columbia

Primary species covered : Alpine nesting birds

Field methods : Nest record monitoring

Publications : <p>Camfield, A.F., S.F. Pearson and K. Martin. 2010. Life history variation between high and low elevation subspecies of horned lark Eremophila spp. Journal of Avian Biology 41: 273-281.</p> <p>Camfield, A.F. and K. Martin. 2009. The influence of ambient temperature on horned lark incubation behavior in an alpine environment. Behaviour 146: 1615-1633.</p> <p>Martin, M., A.F. Camfield and K. Martin. 2009. The demography of an alpine population of savannah sparrows (Passerculus sandwichensis). Journal of Field Ornithology 80(3): 253-264.</p> <p>Camfield, A.F., A.J. Clason and K. Martin. 2007. Mother-son parental care in horned larks. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 119(2):303-305.</p>