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Project name: Canadian Nightjar Survey

Data Access Policy

Canadian Nightjar Survey

Birds Canada and WildResearch


Canadian Nightjar Survey data are freely collected and provided to Birds Canada and, prior to 2020, to WildResearch, by generous citizen scientist volunteers across Canada. In turn, Birds Canada and WildResearch provide free access to the Canadian Nightjar Survey data. Access is provided to users for research purposes, following the Data Access Policy below. Noncompliance with this policy will result in revocation of data privileges, and may result in loss of future NatureCounts privileges.


Canadian Nightjar Survey data are supplied only for applied and basic research and education. Data supplied to users must only be used for the purpose for which it was requested. If the user wishes to use the same data for a purpose different from that of the original request, the user must reapply for permission.


Requests for data must be accompanied by a written proposal outlining the nature and topic of the research, which is to be submitted with the data request through the data access portal on NatureCounts. If the proposal is accepted, the data administrator will approve the data release and inform the researchers/authors.


The users of Canadian Nightjar Survey data will provide a full and appropriate acknowledgement and citation in any materials or publications derived in part or in whole from the data. We recommend the following citation:

    Birds Canada and WildResearch. <>. Canadian Nightjar Survey. Data accessed from NatureCounts, a node of the Avian Knowledge Network, Birds Canada. Available: Accessed: <>.

In addition, we require that the following statement be included in the acknowledgements section of any publication:

    We thank Birds Canada and WildResearch for supplying Canadian Nightjar Survey data, and all of the volunteer citizen scientists who gathered data for the project.

For any publication making substantial use of Canadian Nightjar Survey data, Birds Canada and WildResearch request the opportunity to review manuscripts prior to submission to peer-reviewed journals. Birds Canada and WildResearch also welcome opportunities for collaboration, and for co-authorship if they contribute substantial intellectual input in a publication.

If Canadian Nightjar Survey data retrieved from NatureCounts are to be used for web-based products (maps, summaries, etc.), they must be accompanied by the Birds Canada and WildResearch logos and website links. Please contact Birds Canada at and WildResearch at for logos and instructions.


User agrees to send, free of charge, an electronic copy of all products, materials, or publications produced using Canadian Nightjar Survey data to Birds Canada at and WildResearch at If product is published online, user agrees to inform Birds Canada and WildResearch of the location of the publication.


Canadian Nightjar Survey data may not be distributed beyond the user requesting the data. Raw data should not be made available for download through the Internet, but derived data (maps, tables) are usually acceptable. If you plan to present data on the Internet, the nature of the visualization(s) must be specified in your data request. If third parties require Canadian Nightjar Survey data, the user will direct all such third parties to NatureCounts.


Birds Canada and WildResearch retain the copyright on all Canadian Nightjar Survey data provided to users.


Birds Canada and WildResearch make no warranties or representations, express or implied, with regard to the correctness, reliability, or accuracy of any Canadian Nightjar Survey data. All Canadian Nightjar Survey data are provided "as-is."


Birds Canada and WildResearch endeavour to maintain accurate and up-to-date data at all times. However, if errors or omissions are identified, the user should notify NatureCounts at so that they can be corrected in future releases of the data.