Nova Scotia Piping Plover Conservation Program

Birds Canada

Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources

Project name: Birds Canada - Species at risk program

Goals : To work towards reversing the decline of Piping Plovers in Nova Scotia using population monitoring, habitat protection, and the dedication of volunteers and project partners.

Status : Active

Year started : 2006

Season(s) and frequency : April through August

Geographic area covered : beaches across Atlantic Canada

Type(s) of habitat : beaches

Primary species covered : Piping Plover

Field methods : From April through August, a team of biologists monitors Piping Plovers in the province's most concentrated plover breeding region in Southwest Nova Scotia. Regular nest checks determine numbers of eggs hatched and chicks fledged. We also protect habitat around nests from trampling using "Do not Disturb" signs and rope. On beaches where there is a high risk of nest predation, we use nest exclosures to protect eggs.

Funding sources : Endangered Species Recovery Fund (a program of World Wildlife Fund & Environment Canada); the Habitat Stewardship Program (a program of Environment Canada); and the Shell Environmental Fund.