Birds Canada

Project name: Swifts and Swallows

Goals : Through SwiftWatch, Birds Canada, its partners, and hundreds of volunteers are working to help Chimney Swift recovery in Canada. The primary objectives of this program are to fill key knowledge gaps for Chimney Swifts by identifying and monitoring priority roost and nest sites, and taking further conservation action to address threats to swifts, specifically the loss of roost and nest habitat. Data collected through this program directly inform and guide the conservation and management of this species and its habitat.

Dataset summary : Chimney Swift count data for roost and nest sites in Ontario and the Maritimes.

Year started : 2002

Years (comments) : Ontario: 2002 – ongoing Maritimes: 2011 – ongoing

Season(s) and frequency : Annual for most roost sites late May-early June, irregular for all other sites

Frequency : Annually

Geographic area covered : Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, Canada

Primary species covered : Chimney Swift, Chaetura Pelagica

Sampling Design : Participants conduct standardized roost monitoring surveys between May and September by counting the net number of Chimney Swifts entering a chimney, starting 30 min before sunset and ending 15 min after the last bird enters the chimney. Participants record time, date, cloud cover, temperature, wind speed, and precipitation. Participants conduct standardized nest surveys by observing nest location for 1 hour during daylight hours and recording entries and exits to structure.

Field methods : Data are primarily collected by volunteers and community groups, with Birds Canada staff and field technicians doing some surveys.

Data collection methods : Data are primarily collected by volunteers and community groups.