Ecosystem Health 2018

Project name: WildTrax

Dataset summary : Purpose: On sites* across the province, ABMI deploys sets of four cameras to monitor the occurrence of meso and macro fauna. Setup: Four remote cameras are placed on the four corners (NE, SE, SW, NW) of a 36 ha plot 600 m apart. The remote cameras on the NE and SW corners are baited with long distance lure. In addition to the 1656 core sites, the ABMI also collects data from sites off the core grid (i.e. “off-grid” sites). These sites are chosen to complement the ABMI’s systematic grid to improve sampling coverage along the gradient of human footprint levels for improved estimation of relationships between biodiversity and human land use, as well as to address specific short-term questions. Off-grids sites are sampled with the same protocols as the main sites, however the layout design may be modified to suit the target area (i.e. for linear features such as pipelines cameras are deployed along the linear features, spaced 600m apart). *Sites are within 5.5 km buffer

Protocol type : Automated Recording Unit