Breeding Bird Survey in Ivvavik National Park - 2004 YT

Project name: WildTrax

Dataset summary : The Breeding Bird Survey in Ivvavik National Park was established by Parks Canada in 1999, after reconnaissance in 1997 and 1998. The survey consists of point counts at 12 points along each of four transects: two at Margaret Lake and two at Sheep Creek, both by the Firth River. The surveys have been conducted between June 10th and June 20th, to coincide with the wardens’ annual early-season rafting reconnaissance of the Firth River. The 2004 survey was completed by Canadian Wildlife Service personnel and this project only contains these data. Point count methods are based on the Alaska Off-Road Breeding Bird Survey (ORBBS) protocol; the observer counts all birds seen and heard from the point during a 5-minute period, and records each bird as either within or beyond 50m from the point. On the Ivvavik transects, distance between points varies from about 300m to about 900m, and each transect forms a loop out from the river and back; the exact point locations and transect directions were established based on topography and relative ease of access by observers travelling on foot. Other information which is not included on WildTrax: Recorded at start and end of each survey: Temperature, wind, sky conditions (cloud cover) For each detection: Sex Site names: MLN: Margaret Lake North MLS: Margaret Lake South SLN: Sheep Creek North SLS: Sheep Creek South

Protocol type : Point Count