High Elevation Targeted Bird Surveys 2014 YT

Project name: WildTrax

Dataset summary : Standard point counts conducted in alpine habitat in southern Yukon. Point counts were ten minutes long -divided into two 5-minute periods. During each count, all birds detected by sight or sound within 75 m of the observer were recorded and positioned on a point count data sheet. Distance from the observer was recorded in three distance bands: 0-50m, 50-100m, and >100m. Sex and behaviour were recorded when possible. Point counts were at least 300m apart. Observers: Craig Machtans and Jesse Vigliotti. Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment and Climate Change Canada For further information email: Donnees-SIG_SCF_NOR-Data-GIS_CWS_NOR@ec.gc.ca "This data was standardized for the Boreal Avian Modelling (BAM) Project and then transferred to WildTrax. Data was initially standardized for the BAM Version 4 SQL database. This was converted to BAM Version 6 Microsoft Access database in 2020 by updating the table structure. Finally, this data was moved to the WildTrax PostgreSQL database between 2021 to 2022 where it is accessible through the secure WildTrax website. As of 31 March 2022, data uploaded by BAM does not include some metadata. This metadata will become available in the near future following the necessary WildTrax updates. Please contact bamp@ualberta.ca if you require this metadata."

Protocol type : Point Count