Maritimes Marsh Monitoring Program

Photo: Mark Peck

Welcome to the Maritimes Marsh Monitoring Program Participant Portal(New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island)
Wetlands provide vital ecosystem services, but have been rapidly declining in number, size, and quality throughout North America, affecting numerous marsh-dependent species.The Maritimes Marsh Monitoring Program (MMMP) was established in 2012 to monitor all wetland-associated species and their habitats around the Maritime provinces. The program allows us to track long-term population trends, help establish wetland conservation and management priorities for the Maritimes, and assess the effectiveness of ongoing conservation efforts.Our volunteer base is ever growing, with passionate citizen scientists donating their time and skills to the conservation of these remarkable birds. Volunteers can submit their data here by signing up for a Nature Counts account and logging in. If you want to join our team click here for more background, and please get in touch!