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The summary statistics presented below are based on atlas data reported to date for each province and region. Click on a region number within the table to see a list of species reported to date for that region. Click on a column name to sort.

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Prov Region Checklists Partic. Squares Records Species Hours Hours (peak) Points (In Person) Points (Bioacoustic)
ONOntario (Province)91691 1347286783662227964751.536918.4207060
ON1. Essex1684 7932123451321275.5607.72820
ON2. Chatham-Kent1506 563512002152860.5500.44260
ON3. Lambton1227 6740102771571110.5675.13180
ON4. Middlesex-Elgin3319 14670230461582505.71268.09510
ON5. Norfolk2345 10235247821782227.7891.36790
ON6. Huron-Perth2351 744820014154934.4557.66070
ON7. Waterloo2873 11030239901661977.61016.45010
ON8. Bruce1852 9162163121811189.9856.42740
ON9. Grey2274 6736190071521439.4761.82240
ON10. Halton2427 14338226281712027.21126.55690
ON11. Niagara2141 5425133321431360.1743.91010
ON12. Toronto1910 14816184341402003.6988.91820
ON13. Simcoe4291 17662358101833597.72013.56020
ON14. Kawartha1083 982611404162602.2393.01520
ON15. Hamilton2479 11331219101601786.6912.54140
ON16. Peterborough6513 10460708381633006.91390.413420
ON17. Northumberland2919 9345275291641446.4737.24510
ON18. Muskoka4304 12049386071683817.81983.23030
ON19. Haliburton1414 7034117471471057.5565.63240
ON20. Prince Edward1081 512311328146680.0450.01730
ON21. Kingston3945 11974353391772487.21493.310280
ON22. Leeds and Grenville1819 594015230167816.8423.35470
ON23. Cornwall-Hawkesbury775 52387676151637.3410.02990
ON24. Ottawa5555 16886494321823850.32238.910690
ON25. Silver Lake975 71459449158667.1416.42400
ON26. Renfrew1923 9369154251671187.4837.54120
ON27. Algonquin2358 125131257801562058.81408.911830
ON28. Parry Sound1430 997013630147705.2459.74160
ON29. North Bay907 44408022151851.6552.42810
ON30. Nipissing West431 37304536141453.2287.01210
ON31. Sudbury East885 64489162152534.6247.43180
ON32. Sudbury West820 61427339154673.8492.22200
ON33. Manitoulin833 35498695163594.1433.93890
ON34. Blind River1188 6212912769161877.9738.15080
ON35. Sault Ste Marie1764 456118060181683.2481.66860
ON36. Algoma654 43955456144348.0271.91370
ON37. Marathon616 36926285139390.6282.11860
ON38. Thunder Bay1908 50198159241651146.5707.33350
ON39. Kenora1198 3912610415171833.9719.93750
ON40. Rainy River1147 4116914258204889.1767.08000
ON41. Timiskaming1337 5512512297161812.5480.63620
ON42. Cochrane1416 44152110221541021.3714.83690
ON43. Hudson Bay Lowlands56 6194839371.166.1350
ON44. Big Trout Lake360 17653886130590.2587.13670
ON45. York1608 9419139791661571.0861.91390
ON46. Durham2956 9827263291852062.2894.45630
ON47. Wellington2834 12431304021633029.51205.44450
  • Points (In-Person): 5-minute atlas point counts made in-person
  • Points (Bioacoustics): point counts made from bioacoustic recordings

Note: the statistics and species lists presented on this page are based on accepted records (including records pending review) with breeding evidence.