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The summary statistics presented below are based on atlas data reported to date for each province and region. Click on a region number within the table to see a list of species reported to date for that region. Click on a column name to sort.

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Prov Region Checklists Partic. Squares Records Species Hours Hours (peak) Points (In Person) Points (Bioacoustic)
ONOntario (Province)90802 1341283882990427164308.442041.8206280
ON1. Essex1599 7932113991321219.5699.22820
ON2. Chatham-Kent1420 553511115144833.8561.94260
ON3. Lambton1215 6740102161571087.9755.33180
ON4. Middlesex-Elgin3312 14670229911592500.91521.39510
ON5. Norfolk2279 9935243811652169.51093.76790
ON6. Huron-Perth2343 734820005154932.2598.96070
ON7. Waterloo2846 11030239151651966.91166.74820
ON8. Bruce1824 9161161931761184.4931.02740
ON9. Grey2273 6736190061521439.3862.52240
ON10. Halton2422 14338226031712024.01266.55690
ON11. Niagara2134 5425133231431352.6830.71010
ON12. Toronto1909 14816184311401999.91187.31820
ON13. Simcoe4260 17362356701833587.72132.86020
ON14. Kawartha1083 982611404161602.2449.21520
ON15. Hamilton2470 11131218671591776.91094.24140
ON16. Peterborough6426 10460700551622971.41685.513420
ON17. Northumberland2871 9145270321631435.5796.94510
ON18. Muskoka4279 12049383921643816.22437.63030
ON19. Haliburton1411 7034117121461036.0671.63050
ON20. Prince Edward1077 512311324145679.8483.71730
ON21. Kingston3915 11974351291762475.41581.010260
ON22. Leeds and Grenville1814 594015199166815.7510.45470
ON23. Cornwall-Hawkesbury775 52387676151637.3448.72990
ON24. Ottawa5552 16886494291813850.12588.210690
ON25. Silver Lake955 71459216152665.7505.22280
ON26. Renfrew1923 9369154241651187.4874.54120
ON27. Algonquin2346 123131256751542048.71721.811830
ON28. Parry Sound1389 997013297147685.7485.04160
ON29. North Bay907 44408022151843.5566.12810
ON30. Nipissing West424 37284470138451.2361.91210
ON31. Sudbury East885 64489158151533.6366.43180
ON32. Sudbury West818 61427334153673.8506.52200
ON33. Manitoulin786 35478385152587.1475.73830
ON34. Blind River1175 6012912587148876.2799.85080
ON35. Sault Ste Marie1763 456118054180683.2484.16850
ON36. Algoma644 42955439143347.4303.21370
ON37. Marathon616 36926285139390.6315.31860
ON38. Thunder Bay1890 50194157841651135.6815.53330
ON39. Kenora1198 3912610454170828.2731.33630
ON40. Rainy River1146 4116914257204889.1848.38000
ON41. Timiskaming1337 5512512297161812.5594.33620
ON42. Cochrane1378 4414810768153994.5833.83670
ON43. Hudson Bay Lowlands31 573236841.736.7320
ON44. Big Trout Lake335 15613761115590.2586.33670
ON45. York1581 9419137921661563.71003.71390
ON46. Durham2937 9627262631842057.41080.35630
ON47. Wellington2829 12331303921623026.51391.64450
  • Points (In-Person): 5-minute atlas point counts made in-person
  • Points (Bioacoustics): point counts made from bioacoustic recordings

Note: the statistics and species lists presented on this page are based on accepted records (including records pending review) with breeding evidence.