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Sort Order Species Max. Br. evid. Squares
182Canada Goose NY55
212Mute Swan AE9
217Trumpeter Swan NY39
278Wood Duck AE44
293Blue-winged Teal FY11
300Northern Shoveler P3
304Gadwall P1
313American Wigeon H2
333Mallard NY55
353American Black Duck AE9
355Mallard x American Black Duck (hybrid) H1
385Green-winged Teal FY6
442Ring-necked Duck P6
518Hooded Merganser FY24
526Common Merganser FY31
533Red-breasted Merganser FY10
686Northern Bobwhite S1
772Wild Turkey NE51
775Ruffed Grouse NE41
1027Pied-billed Grebe CF19
1052Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon) AE47
1317Mourning Dove NY59
1767Yellow-billed Cuckoo A20
1772Black-billed Cuckoo FY40
1773Yellow-billed/Black-billed Cuckoo T7
1930Common Nighthawk D9
1992Eastern Whip-poor-will A15
2121Chimney Swift AE13
2599Ruby-throated Hummingbird CF48
2875King Rail S1
2892Virginia Rail NY28
2973Sora NY20
2984Common Gallinule FY8
3006American Coot H4
3139Sandhill Crane FY19
3288Piping Plover AE1
3300Killdeer NE52
3336Upland Sandpiper FY11
3443American Woodcock NE38
3461Wilson's Snipe FY26
3478Wilson's Phalarope T1
3484Spotted Sandpiper FY34
3677Ring-billed Gull NY18
3688Herring Gull AE11
3747Great Black-backed Gull H1
3803Caspian Tern CF6
3805Black Tern NY6
3816Common Tern CF17
3882Common Loon NY26
4264Double-crested Cormorant AE17
4309American Bittern FY22
4326Least Bittern FY13
4335Great Blue Heron NY30
4356Great Egret H5
4408Green Heron NY44
4426Black-crowned Night-Heron FY4
4501Turkey Vulture AE52
4510Osprey NY30
4695Northern Harrier AE19
4763Sharp-shinned Hawk AE16
4771Cooper's Hawk CF19
4781Northern Goshawk NY7
4805Bald Eagle NY21
4872Red-shouldered Hawk NY23
4881Broad-winged Hawk NY34
4893Red-tailed Hawk NY36
5120Eastern Screech-Owl FY12
5144Great Horned Owl NY27
5287Barred Owl NY37
5304Long-eared Owl FY2
5326Northern Saw-whet Owl S1
5794Belted Kingfisher NY56
6262Yellow-bellied Sapsucker NY51
6280Red-headed Woodpecker NY16
6306Red-bellied Woodpecker CF47
6390Downy Woodpecker NY50
6402Hairy Woodpecker NY57
6546Pileated Woodpecker NY51
6603Northern Flicker NY58
6675American Kestrel NY35
6696Merlin NY21
9203Eastern Wood-Pewee CF59
9218Alder Flycatcher A41
9219Willow Flycatcher AE28
9223Alder/Willow Flycatcher (Traill's Flycatcher) S2
9225Least Flycatcher CF47
9244Eastern Phoebe NY59
9418Great Crested Flycatcher NY58
9481Eastern Kingbird NY59
10226Yellow-throated Vireo CF35
10232Blue-headed Vireo AE27
10244Warbling Vireo CF54
10249Red-eyed Vireo NE61
11203Blue Jay NY59
11322American Crow NY60
11365Common Raven NY54
11531Black-capped Chickadee NY61
11562Tufted Titmouse S1
11718Horned Lark FY14
12329Northern Rough-winged Swallow NE25
12335Purple Martin NY6
12354Tree Swallow NY53
12373Bank Swallow NY23
12391Barn Swallow NY52
12443Cliff Swallow NY24
13657Ruby-crowned Kinglet T1
13658Golden-crowned Kinglet T9
13694Red-breasted Nuthatch CF52
13697White-breasted Nuthatch CF57
13724Brown Creeper CF47
13776Blue-gray Gnatcatcher AE12
13805House Wren NY61
13838Winter Wren AE52
13841Sedge Wren T8
13855Marsh Wren NY24
13862Carolina Wren T3
14065European Starling NY55
14185Gray Catbird NY57
14199Brown Thrasher NY55
14231Northern Mockingbird NB2
14237Eastern Bluebird NY37
14336Veery FY56
14341Swainson's Thrush S3
14345Hermit Thrush CF34
14350Wood Thrush CF55
14455American Robin NY60
15174Cedar Waxwing CF54
15933House Sparrow NY32
16356House Finch CF24
16359Purple Finch CF46
16440Red Crossbill AE9
16476White-winged Crossbill P4
16505Pine Siskin NE5
16518American Goldfinch NY59
16667Grasshopper Sparrow CF27
16678Chipping Sparrow NY60
16679Clay-colored Sparrow CF18
16682Field Sparrow CF50
16694Lark Sparrow T1
16738Dark-eyed Junco T3
16766White-crowned Sparrow FY1
16780White-throated Sparrow CF49
16794Vesper Sparrow CF36
16809Savannah Sparrow NY49
16824Song Sparrow NY60
16838Swamp Sparrow NY49
16870Eastern Towhee AE45
16952Bobolink CF47
16953Western Meadowlark S1
16954Eastern Meadowlark CF51
17019Orchard Oriole T3
17064Baltimore Oriole NY58
17074Red-winged Blackbird NY61
17092Brown-headed Cowbird FY51
17102Common Grackle NY62
17148Ovenbird CF58
17151Louisiana Waterthrush CF2
17152Northern Waterthrush CF48
17156Golden-winged Warbler NY19
17157Blue-winged Warbler A16
17158Golden-winged x Blue-winged Warbler (hybrid) T1
17159Brewster's Warbler (hybrid) CF6
17161Golden-winged/Blue-winged Warbler T9
17162Black-and-white Warbler CF55
17176Nashville Warbler CF42
17193Mourning Warbler CF49
17209Common Yellowthroat CF58
17229Hooded Warbler T2
17230American Redstart NY60
17231Kirtland's Warbler T2
17233Cerulean Warbler T2
17235Northern Parula S9
17251Magnolia Warbler T26
17254Blackburnian Warbler FY37
17257Yellow Warbler NY59
17266Chestnut-sided Warbler CF56
17271Black-throated Blue Warbler CF36
17276Palm Warbler H1
17281Pine Warbler CF54
17283Yellow-rumped Warbler FY35
17299Prairie Warbler NE7
17320Black-throated Green Warbler CF46
17386Canada Warbler AE17
17432Scarlet Tanager FY43
17468Northern Cardinal NE56
17484Rose-breasted Grosbeak NE56
17517Indigo Bunting CF57

Total: 187 breeding species

Note: the statistics and species lists presented on this page are based on accepted records (including records pending review) with breeding evidence.