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Sort Order Species Max. Br. evid. Squares
154Canada Goose NY32
180Mute Swan AE2
239Wood Duck FY27
254Blue-winged Teal FY6
261Northern Shoveler FY2
293Mallard NE28
313American Black Duck D2
343Green-winged Teal FY4
467Hooded Merganser FY9
475Common Merganser H2
625Northern Bobwhite S1
705Wild Turkey NE35
708Ruffed Grouse FY17
757Ring-necked Pheasant S1
938Pied-billed Grebe FY8
963Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon) NE46
1208Mourning Dove NY45
1636Yellow-billed Cuckoo NB15
1641Black-billed Cuckoo CF24
1642Yellow-billed/Black-billed Cuckoo S2
1785Common Nighthawk H2
1949Chimney Swift NB10
2396Ruby-throated Hummingbird D21
2659Virginia Rail FY6
2736Sora FY10
2745Common Gallinule FY1
2765American Coot H1
2886Sandhill Crane NE5
3044Killdeer NE43
3080Upland Sandpiper D7
3185American Woodcock D10
3200Wilson's Snipe S6
3224Spotted Sandpiper FY21
3424Herring Gull NY3
3955Double-crested Cormorant AE1
3997American Bittern D1
4014Least Bittern T2
4023Great Blue Heron AE21
4093Green Heron NY22
4180Turkey Vulture AE39
4189Osprey S5
4361Northern Harrier T9
4427Sharp-shinned Hawk A7
4434Cooper's Hawk A10
4465Bald Eagle NY18
4529Red-shouldered Hawk A1
4535Broad-winged Hawk CF8
4547Red-tailed Hawk NY37
4747Eastern Screech-Owl AE26
4770Great Horned Owl NY15
4895Barred Owl S1
4932Northern Saw-whet Owl H1
5369Belted Kingfisher CF30
5810Yellow-bellied Sapsucker NY27
5826Red-headed Woodpecker CF9
5851Red-bellied Woodpecker AE32
5925Downy Woodpecker NY40
5937Hairy Woodpecker CF33
6077Pileated Woodpecker NY25
6129Northern Flicker NY42
6199American Kestrel T19
6219Merlin A8
8544Eastern Wood-Pewee NY43
8566Alder Flycatcher T21
8567Willow Flycatcher FY29
8571Alder/Willow Flycatcher (Traill's Flycatcher) H2
8573Least Flycatcher CF31
8591Eastern Phoebe NY32
8758Great Crested Flycatcher CF44
8818Eastern Kingbird NY44
9513Yellow-throated Vireo T9
9519Blue-headed Vireo T2
9530Warbling Vireo NY45
9535Red-eyed Vireo CF43
9536Philadelphia/Red-eyed Vireo S1
10331Loggerhead Shrike H1
10424Blue Jay CF43
10534American Crow CF43
10577Common Raven NY29
10731Black-capped Chickadee NY43
10759Tufted Titmouse P1
10900Horned Lark CF40
11456Northern Rough-winged Swallow AE24
11461Purple Martin NY7
11480Tree Swallow NY42
11499Bank Swallow AE23
11515Barn Swallow NY44
11562Cliff Swallow NY36
12672Golden-crowned Kinglet S2
12701Red-breasted Nuthatch CF24
12704White-breasted Nuthatch NY33
12730Brown Creeper NB15
12773Blue-gray Gnatcatcher CF3
12799House Wren NY46
12830Winter Wren T16
12833Sedge Wren S4
12845Marsh Wren T3
12852Carolina Wren S2
13032European Starling NY45
13144Gray Catbird CF40
13158Brown Thrasher CF36
13189Northern Mockingbird FY1
13195Eastern Bluebird CF31
13283Veery CF29
13288Swainson's Thrush S1
13291Hermit Thrush S2
13296Wood Thrush A36
13393American Robin NY45
14042Cedar Waxwing CF36
14765House Sparrow NY40
15148House Finch NY13
15151Purple Finch S6
15298American Goldfinch NB46
15431Grasshopper Sparrow S10
15443Chipping Sparrow NY45
15444Clay-colored Sparrow T4
15447Field Sparrow FY25
15538White-throated Sparrow T17
15552Vesper Sparrow T30
15567Savannah Sparrow CF44
15578Song Sparrow NY47
15590Swamp Sparrow NB19
15620Eastern Towhee A18
15701Bobolink CF41
15703Eastern Meadowlark CF32
15760Orchard Oriole CF20
15798Baltimore Oriole NY45
15808Red-winged Blackbird NE45
15825Brown-headed Cowbird FY43
15835Common Grackle NY45
15878Ovenbird A27
15882Northern Waterthrush T17
15885Golden-winged Warbler FY3
15886Blue-winged Warbler D8
15888Brewster's Warbler (hybrid) S1
15890Golden-winged/Blue-winged Warbler S2
15891Black-and-white Warbler A12
15905Nashville Warbler T11
15920Mourning Warbler CF32
15935Common Yellowthroat CF45
15951American Redstart AE39
15969Magnolia Warbler S4
15972Blackburnian Warbler S4
15974Yellow Warbler NY41
15983Chestnut-sided Warbler T13
15997Pine Warbler CF24
15999Yellow-rumped Warbler T4
16036Black-throated Green Warbler T11
16094Canada Warbler S1
16136Scarlet Tanager CF24
16170Northern Cardinal NY42
16186Rose-breasted Grosbeak NE40
16215Indigo Bunting CF43
16226Dickcissel H1

Total: 154 breeding species

Note: the statistics and species lists presented on this page are based on accepted records (including records pending review) with breeding evidence.