PRISM Data Entry

Welcome to the data entry portal for participants in the Program for Regional and International Shorebird Monitoring. Volunteers in this program collect valuable information for shorebird research and conservation by counting birds at sites across Canada.

Survey participants may use this site to enter and review their data. Data are also contributed to the Avian Knowledge Network and can be downloaded here.

New Participants

If you are interested in participating, please contact your regional coordinator for survey information and available survey sites.If you forget your login name and/or your password you can request an email reminder by entering your login name OR email address on the left hand-side of this page and your login information will be emailed to you.

Maritime provincesJulie Sackville, NB
QuébecYves Québec, QC
OntarioChristian Toronto, ON
PrairiesJanet NgJanet.Ng@ec.gc.caSaskatoon, SK