Québec Breeding Bird Atlas

Photo: Mark Peck

Atlas Data Request

Any request for data from the Quebec Breeding Bird Atlas must be submitted through this web page. A NatureCounts user account is required, and you can create one for free using this page .

All applications will be reviewed and approved before the data is made available. The Quebec Breeding Bird Atlas reserve the right to refuse any request. Please ensure that you provide the requested details when making your request, so that it can be properly evaluated. Any request for special species (including species at risk) must be based on a rigorous and relevant justification, failing which it will be rejected. Incomplete applications will either be refused or returned to the applicant for completion.

Any person or organization wishing to obtain or use data from the Quebec Breeding Bird Atlas must read and agree to abide by the rules stipulated in a data usage agreement. This specifies in particular the use that can be made of the data as well as the expected citation and volunteer acknowledgements format. You can consult the general version of the document from the link below. However, please note that more stringent conditions may apply depending on the data requested.

Québec Breeding Bird Atlas Data Use Agreement

Anyone wishing to apply should read this agreement before applying. Notwithstanding this, any person whose application is granted will have to read and accept a data use agreement - that is, if not an agreement stipulating more stringent conditions - before obtaining the data.

Please note that some of the data from the Quebec Breeding Bird Atlas can be viewed from two pages of the Atlas website, the links of which are below. However, it is important to know that you must respect the rules established by the Québec Breeding Bird Atlas Data Use Agreement even if you use data obtained through these links.

Please contact the Atlas Coordinator for additional information regarding use or access to Atlas data breeding birds of Quebec.

If you wish to apply for data, register (if you have not already done so) and follow the instructions provided.

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