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Terms and Conditions

Site access:

NatureCounts is a very flexible, powerful application that is used to organize, share and analyze data from various natural inventory and monitoring projects. NatureCounts consists of a series of web sites customized to individual programs, each with their own access options. Access to the various portions of the web site will vary according to the status of each visitor within each project: some portions of the site may be visible to the general public, while others may required that you use a login approved by a project coordinator, for example. Some of the options potentially available in each project include general project information, survey material and online data entry for participants, as well as mapping, summary and data download tools.

You can view a list of the various projects currently available on NatureCounts. Each site should have specific instructions about what is involved, the geographic area covered, how you can contribute as a participant, and results so far.

Access to some portions of the sites (e.g. online data entry) may require a NatureCounts Login name, which you can create yourself. You should note that access to specific pages within a project may still require approval from the coordinator of that project, and that coordinators are responsible for establishing the requirements for participating in their projects (skill level, participation fee if applicable, geographic area, sites surveyed, etc.). Those requirements are available on each individual project site.

Data ownership:

The data contained in the NatureCounts database are owned and maintained by a variety of institutions, including Birds Canada and several of its partners. While Birds Canada maintains the NatureCounts database, ownership and accessibility of the data remains in the hands of the individual institutions supporting each program. While some projects may offer open access to their data for public download, others may only be available to restricted users, and others may only provide data in the form of maps or summaries.

Birds Canada will not share your contact information (such as email and address) with third parties, except with authorized users (project coordinators) for projects to which you are registered. For example, if you are a participant only in the Manitoba Nocturnal Owl Survey, your contact information will be available to the coordinator of that project who may need to contact you, but not to coordinators of other projects. The NatureCounts site also uses session cookies for the sole purpose of user authentication and session tracking. Cookies must be enabled (at least for the current domain) to use the full range of options available in NatureCounts.