The Renfrew County Biotabase (RCB)

Biodiversity is more than just a buzz word. We are taking it to the field. We now want to know what species we have in Renfrew County and when and where they can be found. While we have much information about the birds that nest in and pass through Renfrew County, and the trees that grow here, the occurrence and distribution of other plants and animals are less well understood.

The Renfrew County Biotabase, gives us a means for recording and sharing this information.

The Renfrew County Biotabase is a public participation project through which citizen scientists share field observations on an ongoing basis. We also invite you to enter and share data that has been kicking around in scribbles in your field guides or stored in databases on your computer.

Participation is easy. Registration is straightforward. Then you can access the database to submit and review your information. The site description tool allows you to locate your survey site on Google Map and automatically record its latitude and longitude. You can report multiple species, including the number of individuals of each, using the checklists provided. Visit the Resources page to download field checklists and the participant?s manual.

PLEASE NOTE: Owing to risks of illegal collection, we ask that you not enter data electronically for American ginseng or for the following turtle species: spotted, Blanding?s, wood, stinkpot, and spiny softshell. Please e-mail records of these species directly to the coordinator. These records will be shared with the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Use the updates link on this page to stay current as changes are made to the Biotabase. The Pembroke Area Field Naturalists and the Ottawa River Institute wish to thank Denis Lepage and Birds Canada for willingness to venture into unknown territory. Certainly, a database of all life is an ambitious undertaking.

The Pembroke Area Field Naturalists are developing information resources to aid in identification of locally occurring species ( Other online resources for local clubs, species identification, and nature in general include:

Coordinator information:

Robin Cunningham
RR 6
Pembroke, ON K8A 6W7