Renfrew County Biotabase
Terms and Conditions

Site access: Access to the Renfrew County Biotabase (RCB) is available to the general public. We encourage you to register (free) and submit your observations of any biodiversity in Renfrew County. For more information on the RCB, or to find out where you may be able to help, contact us or visit

Data ownership: The Pembroke Field Naturalists is the primary data custodian. All observations submitted to the Renfrew County Biotabase are intended for public distribution through a variety of networks, including the Avian Knowledge Network, GBIF, etc. Your records will be subject to review by the project coordinators and may be modified or excluded from the database. We reserve the right to restrict the distribution of records from specific species, such as species at risk.

You accept that your name may be included in data summaries, reports or any data product derived from the Renfrew County Biotabase data where appropriate. We may also be contacting you from time to time in relation to your participation in the Renfrew County Biotabase.