Atlas Data Summary

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The summary statistics presented below are based on atlas data reported to date for each province and region. Click on a region number within the table to see a list of species reported to date for that region. Click on a column name to sort.

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Prov Region Checklists Partic. Squares Records Species Hours Hours (peak) Points (In Person) Points (Bioacoustic)
SKSaskatchewan (Province)34167 298304145895027119073.217390.4170015388
SK1. Cypress2064 66154242591901084.2983.81060515
SK2. Wood River2115 73192216501581008.4950.9924100
SK3. Big Muddy2407 40165247531441054.1986.385712
SK4. Souris-Moose Mountain2245 50170346401841288.71235.11025205
SK5. Great Sand Hills1604 4117416572147636.0613.39081
SK6. Lake Diefenbaker1299 4811613976153409.7394.491482
SK7. Wascana3701 78127413991601982.21687.199724
SK8. Qu'Appelle1662 60146293811721362.71267.4100034
SK9. Eagle Creek860 3119711328160410.7401.510370
SK10. Brightwater2378 85110335611681289.4913.595124
SK11. Last Mountain2123 53177268501621015.1895.78830
SK12. Whitesand1729 5318524225192682.3559.4919267
SK13. Thickwood1446 5822220737187906.1801.6112129
SK14. Basin Lakes1207 5512719303188896.9856.0980185
SK15. Commercial Forest4952 123487761992092302.32105.515232683
SK16. Athabasca2375 42292401171682744.22739.019021227
  • Points (In-Person): 5-minute atlas point counts made in-person
  • Points (Bioacoustics): point counts made from bioacoustic recordings

Note: the statistics and species lists presented on this page are based on accepted records (including records pending review) with breeding evidence.