Atlas Data Summary

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The summary statistics presented below are based on atlas data reported to date for each province and region. Click on a region number within the table to see a list of species reported to date for that region. Click on a column name to sort.

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Prov Region Checklists Partic. Squares Records Species Hours Hours (peak) Points (In Person) Points (Bioacoustic)
SKSaskatchewan (Province)62896 310330363755227222720.519768.5180959609
SK1. Cypress3524 71161302781911216.71045.51135515
SK2. Wood River4127 77216318181591251.31129.21026100
SK3. Big Muddy4040 43166322231471166.11029.394212
SK4. Souris-Moose Mountain3269 53180392611861387.91285.51070205
SK5. Great Sand Hills3452 4319023456151860.5707.79961
SK6. Lake Diefenbaker2446 5012719303154593.7467.096282
SK7. Wascana4599 80127465361632081.91767.7102824
SK8. Qu'Appelle3407 62164391571771528.91356.4106634
SK9. Eagle Creek2373 3323319274166660.5544.110493
SK10. Brightwater3453 89110399011691479.81018.1104324
SK11. Last Mountain3732 54186348801651257.2999.79054
SK12. Whitesand2304 5920228128195712.3587.1948360
SK13. Thickwood6215 64248517601951832.81467.8126150
SK14. Basin Lakes1563 6513422979188944.7891.0980356
SK15. Commercial Forest9313 1325311183792112618.32388.016665495
SK16. Athabasca5079 50328602191823127.83084.320182344
  • Points (In-Person): 5-minute atlas point counts made in-person
  • Points (Bioacoustics): point counts made from bioacoustic recordings

Note: the statistics and species lists presented on this page are based on accepted records (including records pending review) with breeding evidence.