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Sort Order Species Max. Br. evid. Squares
182Canada Goose AE85
278Wood Duck H2
293Blue-winged Teal NE103
294Cinnamon Teal H1
300Northern Shoveler FY105
304Gadwall FY100
313American Wigeon FY73
333Mallard FY107
374Northern Pintail NE82
385Green-winged Teal FY50
435Canvasback FY46
436Redhead FY45
466Lesser Scaup FY52
508Bufflehead P5
518Hooded Merganser H1
543Ruddy Duck FY40
772Wild Turkey H1
784Sharp-tailed Grouse A41
817Gray Partridge FY44
827Ring-necked Pheasant FY35
1027Pied-billed Grebe CF20
1033Horned Grebe NE13
1034Red-necked Grebe CF2
1036Eared Grebe CF47
1045Western Grebe AE12
1052Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon) AE76
1145Eurasian Collared-Dove FY19
1317Mourning Dove NY141
1772Black-billed Cuckoo S1
1930Common Nighthawk FY24
2892Virginia Rail S3
2973Sora FY62
3006American Coot CF63
3191American Avocet AE67
3288Piping Plover AE5
3300Killdeer FY123
3336Upland Sandpiper AE91
3348Long-billed Curlew P6
3367Marbled Godwit FY60
3461Wilson's Snipe AE58
3478Wilson's Phalarope FY84
3484Spotted Sandpiper FY36
3498Willet FY88
3652Franklin's Gull V1
3677Ring-billed Gull V3
3685California Gull V1
3787Least Tern H1
3805Black Tern CF34
3816Common Tern H1
3830Forster's Tern H1
4264Double-crested Cormorant V4
4290American White Pelican V2
4309American Bittern S2
4335Great Blue Heron H1
4501Turkey Vulture NY24
4510Osprey H1
4652Golden Eagle NY6
4695Northern Harrier FY62
4771Cooper's Hawk H4
4889Swainson's Hawk NY113
4893Red-tailed Hawk AE88
4914Ferruginous Hawk NY37
5144Great Horned Owl NY35
5247Burrowing Owl NY2
5311Short-eared Owl H1
5794Belted Kingfisher H3
6280Red-headed Woodpecker H1
6390Downy Woodpecker S3
6603Northern Flicker CF26
6675American Kestrel FY13
6696Merlin H14
6739Prairie Falcon AE4
9197Western Wood-Pewee CF2
9218Alder Flycatcher S2
9219Willow Flycatcher S7
9225Least Flycatcher AE79
9244Eastern Phoebe S4
9246Say's Phoebe NY36
9477Western Kingbird NY129
9481Eastern Kingbird NY146
10244Warbling Vireo CF64
10249Red-eyed Vireo P14
11102Loggerhead Shrike NY19
11278Black-billed Magpie FY43
11322American Crow CF64
11365Common Raven NY27
11531Black-capped Chickadee S6
11718Horned Lark CF132
12329Northern Rough-winged Swallow FY11
12335Purple Martin NY23
12354Tree Swallow CF58
12373Bank Swallow AE30
12391Barn Swallow NY138
12443Cliff Swallow NY40
13694Red-breasted Nuthatch H1
13697White-breasted Nuthatch V1
13789Rock Wren S2
13805House Wren NY73
13841Sedge Wren S10
13855Marsh Wren A42
14065European Starling NY55
14185Gray Catbird NY38
14199Brown Thrasher CF53
14231Northern Mockingbird H1
14237Eastern Bluebird FY1
14242Mountain Bluebird NY10
14336Veery A4
14455American Robin NY122
15174Cedar Waxwing FY31
15933House Sparrow CF110
16121Sprague's Pipit CF51
16356House Finch A7
16476White-winged Crossbill P1
16505Pine Siskin S6
16518American Goldfinch FY85
16542Chestnut-collared Longspur NY59
16667Grasshopper Sparrow CF55
16678Chipping Sparrow FY36
16679Clay-colored Sparrow NE118
16694Lark Sparrow NY23
16695Lark Bunting CF38
16794Vesper Sparrow NY120
16795LeConte's Sparrow S10
16801Nelson's Sparrow S30
16809Savannah Sparrow NE120
16819Baird's Sparrow AE72
16824Song Sparrow CF53
16861Spotted Towhee M12
16948Yellow-breasted Chat S2
16951Yellow-headed Blackbird NY92
16952Bobolink CF68
16953Western Meadowlark NY151
17019Orchard Oriole FS16
17064Baltimore Oriole CF50
17074Red-winged Blackbird NY148
17092Brown-headed Cowbird NE128
17100Brewer's Blackbird CF112
17102Common Grackle NY126
17162Black-and-white Warbler S2
17209Common Yellowthroat CF51
17230American Redstart S3
17257Yellow Warbler CF88
17486Black-headed Grosbeak S2
17516Lazuli Bunting CF3

Total: 144 breeding species

Note: the statistics and species lists presented on this page are based on accepted records (including records pending review) with breeding evidence.