University of Colorado Museum of Natural History Herbarium Vascular Plant Collection

Project name: Trinational Monarch Knowledge Network

Dataset summary : Herbarium COLO is the Botany Section of the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History on the Boulder campus. The Herbarium is available to anyone with an interest in botany. Users include faculty and students, visiting scholars, private consultants, local naturalists, and botanists from a variety of public and private agencies. <p> </p> CollectionSpecimensTranscribed SpecimensSkeletal RecordsImagesVerified GeoreferencesVascular Plants320,000135,94396,178232,12184,866Lichens102,00054,76110950,3330Bryophytes119,00052,15811,12063,2780 <p> <strong> Collection strengths: </strong> </p><p>Colorado, Southern Rocky Mountains and Western North American vascular plants and cryptogams, worldwide arctic and alpine, Appalachia, Galapagos Lichens, Australia, New Guinea, Altai, Mexico and the Seville Flowers Bryophyte Collection. </p><p><strong>Digitization:</strong></p><p>Digitization efforts have been focused on North American vascular plants, lichens and bryophytes with an emphasis on Colorado specimens. All Colorado vascular and cryptogam specimens have been imaged and entered into the database. Images for North American vascular plants are captured for 18 families under the Tri-Trophic TCN. North American lichen packets have been imaged and transcribed All North American bryophyte packets have been imaged and all Colorado specimens have been transcribed and are available at 110,000 vascular plant specimens worldwide and 55,000 bryophytes and 47,000 lichens from outside of North America have not been digitized.</p>