BLM - National Invasive Species Information Management System - Plants

Project name: Trinational Monarch Knowledge Network

Dataset summary : The Bureau of Land Management's National Invasive Species Information Management System (NISIMS) is designed to collect field data and store it in a standard database to allow for data sharing and reporting at the local, state and national levels. At this time, the system reports and tracks weed infestations only, Future versions of the system will report and track infestations by all taxa including weeds, birds, fish, and algae. The system also reports and tracks treatments of these invasive weed species infestations on public lands. The tools are based on the use of the BLM system of Enterprise Geographic Information System (EGIS) Architecture approved nationally in 2003. It also depends on the Geospatial Services Strategic Plan approved nationally by BLM management in 2008. It is the first BLM system with seamless tools to collect scientific data in remote locations throughout all BLM lands and to feed that data regularly into national, official BLM geospatial database. Though the infestation data included here represents a snapshot of actual infestations of the individual species, it doesn't represent the total infestations of the particular species. Only a fraction of the lands the BLM administers has been inventoried, and not all of that data has been brought into NISIMS.