Trinational Monarch Knowledge Network
Terms and Conditions

Site access:

The Trinational Monarch Knowledge Network (TMKN) is a very flexible, powerful application to organize, share, and analyze observational data on the monarch butterfly and its critical habitat across North America from a host of monitoring projects. The use of the TMKN toolbox to download and analyze data is restricted to registered users of the TMKN. You can follow this link to register as a user. For data pertaining to specific nodes, you may need to be approved by a coordinator of that particular project. The website also includes a public portion accessible without registration.

Data ownership:

The data contained in the TMKN database are owned and maintained by a variety of institutions. TKMN does not hold any of the observational data, but rather serves as a hub to integrate information provided by its nodes. As such, ownership and accessibility of the data remains with the institutions supporting each program. While some projects may offer open access to their data for public download, others may restrict access only to certain users, and others may provide data only in the form of maps or summaries. Therefore, a level of data access is attributed to each dataset. Details about the levels of access can be found here.


TMKN will not share your contact information (such as email and address) with third parties, except for authorized users (project coordinators) in projects to which you are registered. Your contact information will be available to the coordinator of that project who may need to contact you, but not to coordinators of other projects. The TMKN site also uses session cookies for the sole purpose of user authentication and session tracking. Cookies must be enabled (at least for the current domain) to use the full range of options available in TMKN.

Recommended citation:

TMKN users must adhere to our data sharing policy, as well as to the data sharing policy established for each individual dataset and node. The individual data sharing policies are available from the datasets page and are also provided as a text file along with any data that you download from this site. Please review all documents carefully and make sure to contact the primary data owners for permission, collaboration and review, as required.

Use the following format to cite data retrieved from the TMKN:

[Data provider name]. 2018. [Dataset name]. Data accessed from the Trinational Monarch Knowledge Network. Accessed: [Date].


Institut de recherche en biologie végétale. 2018. Mission Monarch Project. Data accessed from the Trinational Monarch Knowledge Network. Accessed: 13 October 2018.

Use the following format if you used the TMKN visualizations or output tools using data from multiple datasets.

The Trinational Monarch Knowledge Network. 2018. TMKN web application. Port Rowan, Ontario. Accessed: 13 October 2018.