Wind Energy Bird & Bat Monitoring Database
Terms and Conditions

Site access: The Wind Energy Monitoring Database is a service available to the proponents and contractors of the wind energy industry. Users must receive the authorization from CANWEA prior to being able to access the restricted section of the site.

Data ownership: Data will remain the property of the persons or organizations submitting them. Only proponents submitting data, or persons whom they authorize, will have access to the raw data from individual projects. Only users specifically authorized by CanWEA, CWS and OMNR will have access to data from multiple projects.

Birds Canada agrees that it will not use, share, distribute or publish the raw data or any summaries or visualisations of the data collected through this process, except for the purposes explicitly agreed to by CanWEA and CWS (including for maintenance of the database and backups), or after having received a written authorization (including via email) from a data release committee consisting of one or more representatives from each of CanWEA, CWS and OMNR. BSC shall not use or disclose any such protected information, except when authorized by the committee or as required by law, regulation or court order.