NORAC Recommended Procedures since 1990

  • Intervals for Repeating Atlases (1995): The recommendation is that atlases be repeated at 20 year intervals.

  • Asterisked Species Reports (consensus of 8/11/99 meeting; subject to modification in regard to data standardization): Each atlas project should use (as all have to date) a form for "asterisked species" (i.e. state endangered, threatened, or species of special concern) which includes precise location data (verbal site description, ownership of land if known, attached photocopy of map with location circled). Signature of the observer is desirable, if possible, along with the observer’s years of experience with the species. After review by the Regional Coordinator, form should be submitted to the state or provincial Heritage Program. If further details or forms are needed, the Regional Coordinator should fill them out to avoid overwhelming the atlas volunteer.

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