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Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
11 August 1999

Minutes (from the combined notes of S. Laughlin and C. Foss, not to be construed as a complete record)


  1. Welcome - Chan Robbins
  2. Second Generation Atlases
  3. Data Collection and Management
  4. Options for Data Management
  5. Georeferencing
  6. Abundance Indices
  7. BBS Data and Next Generation Atlases
  8. Standard Techniques
  9. Uses of Atlas Data
  10. Special Field Problems
  11. Publishing
  12. NORAC Business Meeting Minutes
  13. Committees
  14. Attendance: Names and Addresses


Chandler Robbins

This is a landmark meeting, being the sixth time this group has convened. At the first conference, no North American atlas had been published, and the group was struggling with many basic decisions now long-since implemented. Many atlases are now completed and we have learned a great deal since the first meeting.

In the second round of atlasing, we will not merely be repeating what we did before. Many new technologies are available, and our current decisions will involve how to take advantage of them to do the best job for the future. We have opportunities to share newly developed software, methods for collecting data, and approaches to using data, and to combine data across different states and projects. The early concerns about access to data are now an old problem and an old fashioned approach, and we need to think of effective ways to share data.

I am full of enthusiasm for the next round of atlasing. By working together and sharing ideas we can create an excellent future for atlases, which have become major ornithological works.

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