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Mike Cadman, José Salguero and Charles Francis are organizing the next meeting (the 8th NORAC Conference) in 2006 in conjunction with the North American Ornithological Conference (NAOC) in Veracruz, Mexico.


Several of the more difficult issues were referred to Subcommittees, who will develop recommendations for consideration by the full NORAC e-mail list.

The subcommittees are requested to report within a month (before 1 October) on their timeframe for submitting recommendations or alternatives for consideration.

If NORAC can reach a consensus (with one vote for each state, provincial, or county atlas project) on an issue, it will become part of our recommended procedures. If not, the recommendation or alternatives will be posted on our Website as potential approaches.

The Subcommittees who agreed to work on the various issues are:

Core Data Standardization/Central Depository for North American Atlas Data

  • Mike Cadman, Chair
  • Chris Elphick
  • Charles Francis
  • Steve Kelling
  • Bruce Peterjohn
  • Chan Robbins
  • Charles Smith
  • Scott Sutcliffe
  • Joan Walsh
  • Mark Wimer

Recommended Methods for Collection of Abundance Indices

  • Chan Robbins, Chair
  • Dan Brauning
  • Charles Francis
  • Doug Kibbe
  • Rick West

Creating a Handbook on Recommended Atlasing Techniques for Species and Species Groups

  • Carol Foss, Co-chair
  • Hugh Kingery
  • Joan Walsh
  • Rick West, Co-chair

Recommended Methods for Collection of Habitat Data & Recommended Method for Recording Fieldworker Effort will be dealt with by the Core Data Subcommittee.

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