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The North American Ornithological Atlas Committee consists of one representative from each of the states, provinces, and, counties (in California, Georgia, North Dakota) involved in conducting or actively planning a breeding bird atlas; representatives of the federal agencies involved in bird censusing in the United States and Canada; individuals most involved in atlasing in the Americas; and editors of the various atlas volumes.

The purpose of NORAC is to facilitate breeding bird atlasing in the Americas by:

  • providing guidelines for atlasing standards
  • providing regular means of communication between states and provinces  involved in and/or planning atlases

NORAC sponsors conferences on breeding bird atlasing every three to four years. In 1991 the conference was sponsored by the Colorado Breeding Bird Partnership and held in Keystone, Colorado. In 1994, a NORAC conference was held 20 June, prior to the combined AOU, Wilson, Cooper meeting, in Missoula, Montana. In 1999, the conference was held 11 August in Ithaca, New York, prior to the AOU meeting. In 2004, the meeting was held 22 April in Ithaca, New York, prior to the AFO meeting. The next meeting will be held on 2 October 2006, in Veracruz, Mexico, prior to the NAOC.

The NORAC Website is maintained at the Bird Studies Canada site at www.bsc-eoc.org. It contains the full text of the 1990 Handbook for Atlasing American Breeding Birds, a list of published atlases, and the NORAC Directory of Atlas Contacts. Corrections to the list should be sent to Mike Cadman, NORAC co-Chair; or Charles Francis, NORAC co-Chair.

The NORAC website is hosted and maintained by Bird Studies Canada