Canadian Lakes Loon Survey
Terms and Conditions

Site access: Access to the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey entry site is restricted to registered participants and is to allow them to submit and view their data. Participation is free of charge, but volunteers must be willing to conduct one survey (3 visits) per year using the survey protocol along each route reserved in their name. Volunteers must be willing to receive communications (bulk email, direct email or phone) from loon survey staff by email and be willing to respond to questions regarding their surveys and data.

Data ownership: Data collected and maps published as part of the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey are available free of charge. However, they remain the property of Birds Canada and its funding partners and may not be reproduced without written permission from Birds Canada. Please note that the data submitted as part of the survey will be validated by experts and we reserve the right to withdraw certain information.
Birds Canada does not share the personal information (such as address, telephone number and email address) of program participants with third parties, though they may be shared with your regional coordinator for efficient project management.

Unless otherwise indicated in writing, you agree that your name may be included in data summaries, reports and, where appropriate, any other products developed using data from the survey’s database.

Injury Liability:
Please exercise extreme caution when conducting your survey. As a volunteer participant in the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey, you are entirely responsible for your own safety and personal insurance in the event of injury. You are not considered an employee of Birds Canada or any of our partners or sponsors. In addition, we are not responsible for damage to vehicles during the survey.