UAM Insect Collection (Arctos)

Project name: Trinational Monarch Knowledge Network

Dataset summary : The UAM Insect collection is the northern-most facility of its kind in the United States. 98.5% of our records are from Alaska. Although a young collection (begun in 2000), we have recently surpassed 200,000 records representing over 1 million specimens (as of June 2014), making this collection the fourth largest in the US in entomology with data served to iDigBio. Over 99% of these records have been georeferenced. Over 75% of the pinned collection has been databased; approximately 10% of the wet collection has been databased. At least one specimen of every lowest identification, in both the pinned and wet collections, has been databased so we have a complete online taxon inventory of the collection. 136,257 specimens have been identified to the species level - these represent 2,869 species (23% are apparent new records for the state). Coleoptera, Odonata, and Hymenoptera are the most well-curated groups. 56,187 of these specimen records have been cited or otherwise used in 38 peer-reviewed publications. Please use this DOI to cite this collection / dataset: