GalliForm: Galliformes occurrence records from the Indo-Malay and Palaearctic, 1800-2008

Project name: Global Biodiversity Information Facility datasets

Dataset summary : GalliForm comprises 186687 galliform occurrence records linked to 118907 localities, predominantly in Europe and Asia. The dataset covers the 130 species of Galliform found in the Palaearctic and Indo-Malay biogeographic realms. Records of the hybrid Lophura imperialis, are also included as are some North American records of Lagopus muta and Lagopus lagopus. 95% of records date from 1877 to 2008 although the earliest record is from 1648. Records were derived from museums, peer-reviewed and grey literature, unpublished field notes, diaries and correspondence, banding records, atlas records and online birding trip reports.