New Brunswick Forest Hawk and Woodpecker survey

Birds Canada

New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources

Project name: NatureCounts

Goals : To monitor the population trends of hawks and woodpeckers within New Brunswick.

Status : Discontinued

Year started : 2002

Year finished : 2004

Years (comments) : 2004 marked the third and final year of the NB Forest Hawk and Woodpecker survey. The survey was "retired" because not enough hawks were being detected to provide adequate survey power.

Frequency : Annually

Geographic area covered : New Brunswick

Type(s) of habitat : Old Hardwood Habitat (OHWH), mature forest

Primary species covered : Hawks and woodpeckers, notably Northern Goshawk, Broad-winged Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, and Red-shouldered Hawk

Field methods : Surveys are conducted on one morning between mid-May and mid-June, beginning at sunrise. There are 16 stops at 1 km intervals and the survey takes about 3 hours to complete. Each stop is 7 minutes long and consists of both silent listening and playback during which all observations of hawks and woodpeckers are recorded on specialized data sheets.