Prairie Shorebird Survey

Canadian Wildlife Service

University of Saskatchewan

Chaplin Nature Center

Project name: Program for Regional and International Shorebird Monitoring

Goals : Data collected by staff and volunteers will be used to determine long-term trends in Arctic-breeding shorebirds that utilize stopover locations in the Canadian prairies during migration, in order to guide conservation and management actions.

Year started : 2014

Frequency : Annually

Geographic area covered : Chaplin and Reed Lakes, Saskatchewan

Type(s) of habitat : Saline lakes

Primary species covered : Shorebirds

Sampling Design : 24 point count locations established on Chaplin and Reed Lakes

Field methods : Established point count locations with <200m and 200-500m buffers in which all shorebirds are counted during an unlimited time period. Each point is surveyed once per week during a 4-day survey window from early May to mid-June.

Data format : Access database

Sample size : Approximately 120-144 surveys performed each year.