British Columbia Marsh Monitoring Program

Photo: Mark Peck

Join volunteers across British Columbia (and several other regions of Canada) to monitor marsh bird and amphibian species in this program co-led by Birds Canada and WildResearch. Many marsh species are quite cryptic, so targeted monitoring data on these species is quite valuable. The goal of this coordinated effort is part of national monitoring and conservation of marsh species.


This data will allow us to:

  • Assess the annual changes and long-term trends in population size and distribution of marsh species in BC
  • Collect data that contribute to population estimates of marsh reliant species in BC
  • Advance our understanding of the ecology and the status of marshes in BC


Are you interested in this exciting program and wonder how to get started? Follow the three easy steps below:

  • Sign up by clicking on the red sign-up button on the right.
  • Once signed in, go to "My data" and select "Available routes".
  • Select amphibians, birds, or both and choose a station of your liking. 

Information about survey protocols can be found under "About" and "Resources".