Centre for Biodiversity Genomics - Canadian Specimens

Project name: Trinational Monarch Knowledge Network

Dataset summary : The Centre for Biodiversity Genomics (CBG) at the University of Guelph is spearheading a novel approach to biodiversity research within Canada and internationally. Its three research units -- CBG Collections, CBG Genomics (or the Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding, CCDB) and CBG Informatics -- are advancing 21st century biodiversity science by enabling species identification and discovery that is based on the analysis of sequence diversity in short, standardized gene regions, DNA barcodes. CBG Collections maintains a globally unique natural history collection of 3.3 million specimens. Every specimen is digitized, and the exact storage location of each specimen is tracked in a collection management information system for quick reference and retrieval. The databased information for every voucher is also archived in the Barcode of Life Data System (BOLD; www.boldsystems.org), permitting the permanent storage, validation and analysis of barcode sequence data and associated specimen metadata. Most (88.6%) of the specimens have been DNA barcoded, and a few representatives of every species have been digitally imaged. The CCDB holds high quality DNA extracts in a secure 2000 ft2 ultra-cold freezer bank. These DNA extracts reflect residual material following the barcode analysis of samples; it contains 5.3 million extracts from over 250,000 species derived from 231 countries, oceans and dependent territories, all connected to a voucher specimen on BOLD. This resource represents the Canadian specimens held in the Specimen Archives of CBG Collections as of Dec 2017. Please address inquiries to ccdbcol@uoguelph.ca